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 The Indian culture is the most heritaged and diverse cultuer in the whole world.India has had a very long history with its struggle to fight for freedom and the revolutions.Diversity is due to the people living here,people belonging to different caste,creed and religion live here united.Different festivals are celebrated here like diwali,christ,as,ramzan id,holi,mahavir jayanti,baishaki stc.each festival celebrated here has its own importance and fun and anyone is free here celebrate any kind of festival.
You must have been aware of ``The Big Fat Indian Wedding''.Its really a grand ocassion for the individuals getting hitched anid their families.Msic plays a very important role in this wedding as the sound is really catchy you just cant resist your foot and body go rythmic,music of various DJ's and band,and most probably bollywood music is played.Food served is mostly continental,south indian,north indian,eastern and western and sometime even chinese for variation,followed by deserts and drinks,just the yummy stuff!!!.It is so arranged to make the wedding the most memorable day of the couples life.
The most important part of India is Mumbai,the economic capital of india(and fortunately my hometown) ,people from from different parts of india come to mumbai to seek job oppourtunities,star business and experience the city life,thats why mumbai is the most crowded place.Bollywood is the most popular thing here and also all over the world.
Taling about mumbai its incomplete if i dont talk about the fast pace life of people and the fast food lanes-yummy!,People are very busy here and so the trains and the transport facilities.Fast foods include vda pav,samosa,idli chutney,pani puri etc(lots is there man!).ast food from thewestern world is also famous here like pizzas(mostly pepperoni nd pepperazzi!!),hamburgers,french fries,hot dogs etc (love them)
People are friendly genuine and always help others,the great example is the 26/11/2008 when terrorist attacks took place in mumbai,peple help each other and thanks to our great security and cops for helping us a salute and tribute to them fromtthe bottom of my heart
Great monument like the TAJ MAHAL is a significant point and one of the seven wonders of the world.Feeling so lucky to be an Indian!!
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