DX-ploited by The Champ

11/25/09 in WWE   |   adityaprivate   |   21 respect

WASHINGTON D.C. - When it comes to claiming WWE’s most coveted title, loyalty remains an expense some Superstars simply cannot afford.

While Triple H and Shawn Michaels insisted that competing in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship would do little to sever the deep bond between them, the allure of gold proved too much for the DX cohorts, who quickly turned on one another. As their alliance frayed, WWE Champion John Cena eagerly leveraged his opponents’ betrayal into an intensely fought victory. 

Things started out amicably enough. The Game and HBK even greeted the crowd together as DX’s entrance music pervaded the arena. Seconds after the opening bell, however, Michaels unexpectedly lulled his associate to sleep with Sweet Chin Music. With Triple H out cold, HBK and The Champ exchanged strikes.

As any member of the WWE Universe can tell you, though, never count out Triple H. The King of Kings rallied and the three-man clash took on a different, and dangerous, dynamic as the action moved outside the ring. It was there that The Game smashed HBK through the announcers’ table with a spine buster, leaving Triple H to contend with the WWE Champion. While the match nearly ended with several two-counts, in the end a fatigued Cena refused to quit against his equally exhausted rivals and managed to pin Triple H to retain his title.

While it remains to be seen whether or not DX will survive this latest chapter, WWE Champion John Cena appeared more than happy to close the book on Survivor Series 2009 with his title intact.

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12/26/09   |   dateupdude   |   1 respect

 cena sucks a lot 

11/27/09   |   achus1997   |   132 respect

when it comes for championship cena will never back down from a fight.

11/27/09   |   derickf961   |   1 respect

what can you expect when gold is on the line....moreover shawn has a history of betraying his mates.....

11/26/09   |   amanda4cena   |   5 respect

i saw the whole thing on pay per view.............was awesome. i knew something had changed in cena that he really could win it as he usually does. i think the DX thing will soon blow over although it was an utterly stupid move that hbk did i still love dx too

11/26/09   |   abibala1990   |   72 respect

 Cena rocks........