Dallas Cowboys coaches jobs are under question if they miss the playoffs

12/23/13 in NFL   |   IvanRogers   |   1352 respect

FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe Dallas Cowboys performance this season has been lackluster to say the least. They have made poor choices, bad plays, the players aren’t fit to play and above all they make rookie mistakes. They have failed to make the difference in plays that could have won them games and during critical moments in game have mostly lost the advantage they had to the other teams.
When they score a win, it is usually followed by a loss of equal magnitude. This time it seems that the franchise has had it with the coaching staff and will not be taking no playoffs for answer. There are rumors that the coaches think that their jobs are on the line this time and if they lose the playoffs the same will go towards their jobs.
The Cowboys defense has been a joke all season and has allowed opponents to take more yards than a twelve year old can eat at Halloween. Still, the franchise owner Jerry Jones had come forward on the media saying that defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin is the man he wants and will be the one to get the crumbling defense up and running. Seems he has his position secured for him.
Head coach Jason Garrett and defensive coordinator Bill Callahan are two people who have made plays in during critical times that even the most illiterate of fans have had sense to question. Most of the time they have ended up their radical plays in loss. Still, Jones has publically said that he is in favor of both men and wants them around.
From the tip it seems that Jones is content and will give the staff another shot if they screw this time. But now, their common sense has started to tingle and they think that after screwing up so many times they might actually be kicked out. Rumors are that Jones is on the hunt for a new coaching staff and in case the Cowboys do not make it to the playoffs this time, as they have three times in a row, there are high chances that we will be seeing a lot of changes in the franchise.
The word now is that, if Dallas does not make the playoffs this year, the Dallas Cowboys' coaching staff believes that Jason Garrett and all his assistants will be fired. That makes these last two games the most important in this franchise's recent history.
In case the Cowboys do not win their last two games, their chances of playoffs are in the garbage. So this all breaks down to the elementary fact that the coaching staff now doesn’t only have to play for the playoffs, but their existence as a coaching staff of the Dallas Cowboys. Seems like a good motivation. Only if this had come sooner.
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