Dallas Cowboys leak 2013 NFL Draft board

Crazy or stupid? Cowboys leak their draft board for the 2013 Draft

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Blog Photo - Dallas Cowboys leak 2013 NFL Draft boardFor the second time in five years, the Dallas Cowboys have 'inadvertently' revealed their draft board shortly after the conclusion of the NFL Draft.

Many people seem to think this is a mistake, but the same thing happened in 2009, leading me to believe that Jerry Jones has some sort of method to this madness.

The folks over at Blogging the Boys took the time to comb over a video interview with Jones in front of the Cowboys draft board and reconstruct it.

They noted that on multiple occasions, the Cowboys strayed from their draft board a bit, including trading out of the #18 pick despite the fact that their 5th-ranked player, DT Sharrif Floyd, was available. They also passed on Ryan Nassib and Matt Barkley when they were the highest rated players remaining on their board.

One of two things are possible: Either it's not 100% accurate, and Jones is intentionally feeding people slightly inaccurate information, or he realizes that the draft is over and he doesn't care if their draft board is leaked.

I believe it's the latter. Jerry Jones is an extremely arrogant individual, and I don't think it would be shocking at all for him to want to share his draft board with the world, in an attempt to show everyone that he's smarter than the rest of us.

The Bills drafted EJ Manuel in the 1st round, and the Cowboys apparently had him graded out as a fourth rounder, behind fellow QBs Ryan Nassib, Matt Barkley, and Geno Smith.

Don't you think Jones wants to say "see, I told you so" if and when one of those guys ends up having a better career than Manuel?

Either way, this is certainly no mistake. This is a calculated move by the Cowboys, and it worked. We're talking about them, right?
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