Dallas Cowboys new entrée Danny Coale could be better than Wes Welker?

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Blog Photo - Dallas Cowboys new entrée Danny Coale could be better than Wes Welker?
It might be early for us to say but Dallas Cowboys fifth-round draft pick, Danny Coale reckons he could live up to the potential of New England Patriots star wide receiver Wes Welker.
Dallas Cowboys draft picks have caused a flurry of excitement in the football world. According to NFL analysts it’s because of their impressive draft picks.
Danny Coale, who happens to Dallas Cowboys fifth-round draft pick has been signed in from Virginia Tech. This week the 23-year-old joined Galloway and Co. on KESN-FM to reveal his aspirations and inspirations.
Danny Coale believes the Dallas Cowboys have made good draft picks that would lead to a competitive season of football. Danny Coale also commented on the Dallas Cowboys could record a successful season.
Head coach Jason Garrett has been working hard with the Dallas Cowboys ever since he joined the franchise in 2011. Danny Coale expressed his faith in Jason Garrett saying he knew the Dallas Cowboys could rejuvenate from last season’s under par performances.
Dallas Cowboys have drafted good talent with their draft picks this year, something Danny Coale is wary of, nonetheless the youngster is ready to work hard to earn a spot in the first team.
The fifth-round draft pick, Danny Coale also talked about him being compared to New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker. Interestingly, Wes Welker didn’t come to the NFL through a draft pick. As a matter of fact, Wes Welker was an undrafted free agent who signed in by San Diego Chargers in 2004.
Since, then Wes Welker has gone on to acquire much fame. His spells with the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots have won him most of the fame. According to Danny Coale and his fans, fifth-round draft pick has a strikingly similar game play to Wes Welker.
I get it frequently, which is a tremendous honor to get compared to someone like that,” Danny Coale said. “If I have a fraction of the success that he’s had, I would call it a success. I think we’re similar and I think we’re different, but it is really nice to get those comparisons.”
Danny Coale refrained from commenting on whether he was faster than Wes Welker, although at this age Danny Coale probably is. However, Danny Coale did mention that one doesn’t have to be the “biggest guy” or the “fastest guy” to succeed at a position.
“I don’t know what his speed is like. I know he’s fast, I know he’s a quick guy, but the thing that I’ve always tried to watch what he does is his route running. It goes to show that you don’t have to be the biggest guy and you don’t have to be the fastest guy. You just have to get open, and he does that so well.”
Danny Coale further stated that he liked to play as both an insider and an outside receiver. Danny Coale informed that he has performed both roles in his college career, therefore he would be comfortable to switch.
“To be honest with you, I like both. I did both in college, on the outside and the inside. Completely different positions, I think. Your match ups are different with linebackers vs. corners, you see the field different, you see the safeties different, your routes are a little different. So I like both of them. I really like being inside, but I like being on the outside and being able to stretch the field.”
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