Dallas Mavericks in market for point guards, Steve Nash and Jeremy Lin likely prospects

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The Dallas Mavericks’ plans for rebuilding the roster have gone haywire after guard Deron Williams opted to re-sign with the Brooklyn Nets for a $36 million dollar deal. The Dallas Mavericks had originally designed their long-term plans for Deron Williams with the team. To give a young player like Deron Williams the opportunity to emerge as a franchise face, the Dallas Mavericks had released Tyson Chandler and J.J Barea to shape a young team around Dirk Nowitzki, only to be replaced by the rising star.
Bu now that the initial plan has fallen apart, and the Dallas Mavericks are sort on point guards, the team is frantically scouting the free agency for a reliable fit. Reportedly, former Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash and restricted agent Jeremy Lin’s names have emerged at the top of Dallas Mavericks’ list.
Jeremy Lin was claimed by the New York Knicks off waivers after briefly playing for the Dallas Mavericks’ 2010 summer league team. However, other teams are also viewing Jeremy Lin, and the Houston Rockets have reportedly already offered the 23-year-old guard a deal that will be under consideration.
Furthermore, the New York Knicks can still match any offer made by the Dallas Mavericks to Jeremy Lin. The Dallas Mavericks can probably counter the situation through a mid-level exception deal for Jermey Lin that will start his salary close to $5 million the first two season and then bump it to $15 million in his their and fourth season. The New York Knicks will be cautious of making an offer to Jeremy Lin that will put them in a dangerous cap situation considering the franchise will be paying Amare Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler above $15 million each a few seasons from now.
However, it doesn’t cross-out Jeremy Lin from the Dallas Mavericks’ list since franchise owner Mark Cuban and is known for making lucrative offers and New York Knicks will be first considering their chances of acquiring Steve Nash.
 The 39-year-old Steve Nash is a former Dallas Mavericks player who was release by the franchise in 2004 to owing to an increasingly expensive contract. However, Steve Nash went on to acquire two MVPs after signing with the Phoenix Suns. Steve Nash has already been offered a $36 million contract by the Toronto Raptors and the competition for Dallas Mavericks just appears to be increasing down that road with the Los Angeles Clippers, and other major teams also interested in acquiring the guard.
The Toronto Raptors already tried to hinder the New York Knicks progress towards acquiring Steve Nash through a sign-and-trade, for which Landry Fields was a crucial part, by putting  abid for the player themselves.
Furthermore, the Dallas Mavericks are still considering former Houston Rockets guard and current free agent Goran Dragic, who reportedly met with the Phoenix Suns and will probably call for near to $10 million annually.
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