Dallas coach Garrett unhappy with QB Tony Romo and the interceptions

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe Dallas Cowboys faced the Green Bay Packers on Sunday and the Packers emerged victorious. So the Cowboys, with everything set on their plate to have maybe the best chances of making it to the playoffs this season with young talent and an easy schedule had to have a scapegoat. That turned out to be their quarterback Tony Romo and the reason to be upset was the interceptions.
Coach Jason Garrett and Romo are close as all QB and coaches are. Coordination between each other is essential. Although Garrett isn’t one to go around and start the blame game, he was visibly upset with Romo’s performance. When asked if he had told that to Romo himself, it seemed like he had.

"Yeah, we coach Tony," Garrett said after taking his time to respond. "We coach Tony just like we coach everybody else. We coach Tony with positive reinforcement and with negative reinforcement. We coach everybody on this football team.”
He added that the performance of the team wasn’t bad and it was overall good but there were certain aspects of the gameplay that had to be criticized and to make amends it was necessary to accept that problems existed.

"There were a lot of good things in that ballgame, there were some things that weren't so good,” Garrett said. “It's our job as coaches to make sure he understands that, just like every guy on our team, and we make the corrections and move forward."
The point of the match which stood out and seemed like the reason why Garrett seemed to be critical of the quarterback was when there were 2:50 left on the clock and the Cowboys were ahead by five points. Naturally, the Cowboys decided to waste the time as much as they could andRomo received a running play in which there was an alternative for passing. Romo chose to throw which ended up as an interception.
This did not settle well with Garrett who after the match had ended said that Romo should have chosen to play the game as planned and not thrown when they were ahead. Then on Monday he explained why Romo threw the ball instead of running the original play.

"The biggest thing is they took the safety out of the middle and there literally were 11 guys on the line of scrimmage," Garrett said. "When I say 'on the line of scrimmage' [I mean] very close to the line of scrimmage." 

Garrett said that still Romo should have stuck to the play as called as they could still have dealth with what came next.

"You could see why he viewed that as an unfavorable [run] look," Garrett said. "But having said that, you hand the ball off and you move on to the next one. We deal with the third down situation and you force them to use their timeout, all of that stuff. "
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And it's that lack of mental awareness in the clutch that has made Tony Romo a good, but not great QB in the NFL. But why does he need to be great? Thanks to his bloated contract from idiot owner/GM/ de facto coach/God of Football Jerry Jones, he's being paid like a hall of famer anyway...