Dani Alves believes Barcelona can comeback after 4-0 thrashing from Bayern Munich

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Blog Photo - Dani Alves believes Barcelona can comeback after 4-0 thrashing from Bayern Munich
Barcelona full back Dani Alves refuses to give hope on recording a comeback. The Brazilian defender believes his side will record a strong comeback from the 4-0 drubbing they received at the hands of Bayern Munich in the first-leg of the Champions League semifinal.
The second-leg of the showdown is scheduled to take place at Nou Camp; therefore Barcelona will have the upper hand. Unlike Dani Alves many Barcelona fans don’t share the enthusiasm of a comeback. After all, coming back from a 4-0 scoreline against Bayern Munich seems to be asking for more than just a miracle.
Barcelona players are expected to miss the electrifying atmosphere they are used to at Camp Nou. The downbeat mood ahead of the battle, especially after Real Madrid’s heartbreaking exit from the Champions League last night, is expected to infect Barcelona players once they set on to the field.
Nonetheless, for now Dani Alves wants to be the one who infects everyone enthusiasm. The 29-year-old posted an Instagram message on Tuesday suggesting Barcelona were in control of their destiny and making it to the Champions League final at Wembley.
“Impossible is only a word that weak people use who live easily in the world given to them, without daring to explore the power they to change it,” Dani Alves wrote. “'Impossible' is not a fact, it is an opinion. 'Impossible' is not a declaration, it is a challenge. 'Impossible' is potential. 'Impossible' is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”
Well, there is one man who is equally enthusiastic about recording a comeback over Bayern Munich. As a matter of fact, he might be the only one who can help Barcelona pull of such a miracle. Dani Alves’ teammate Lionel Messi expressed his emotions about the upcoming game on Tencent Weibo, a Chinese social media platform.
“Let's go for the comeback,” Lionel Messi declared after returning to action and scoring a goal against Athletic Bilbao in a 2-2 draw on Saturday. 
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