Danica and my grandson

6/9/12 in NASCAR   |   lucilou02   |   19 respect

When my grandson was almost 8, I took him to the last NASCAR Nationwide Race at Gateway International Raceway. After we got into the park, he asked if he could get a shirt, and being the good grandparent, I said, "yes." We walked vendor's row until he found the "perfect" shirt. He picked out a bright orange shirt (and he has bright reddish, copper colored hair) with Danica Patrick on it. I gladly got it for him even though it clashed with his hair and we journeyed on looking for a hat for him and he picked out a, you guessed it, Danica hat. I completed the set for him with a Danica lanyard and ticket holder on it. Of course, he had to put on his shirt and hat before we took our seats. We then ventured to our seat in the 27th row up. We actually had very good seats and was able to see the whole track. After the driver's intros, they brought Danica by in the back of a pick-up, as is their custom, and when she got in front of us, I yelled out her name, and believe me I can yell very loud when I want to. She looked straight at us and waved. My grandson leaned over and said, "Grandma' I think I 'm in love."  Most children at that age become bored very easily, but my grandson sat there and watched every lap Danica made on the track and could tell you where she was at all times. He was also praying she would not wreck her Go Daddy car and she was good to go. She finished a respectable 19th after starting at the back of the field.
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