Daniel Sedin has NO effects after hit by Byron

No concussion, no injuries for Sedin

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Blog Photo - Daniel Sedin has NO effects after hit by ByronLast night, during the second period in the game between the Calgary Flames and the Vancouver Canucks, Daniel Sedin received a vicious hit by Paul Byron that sent him head first into the glass above the boards.  Sedin immediately fell to the ice and was motionless.  Byron received a five minute major penalty and a game misconduct.  Sedin was quickly loaded onto a stretcher, neck brace in place, and transported to a local hospital.

My initial view of the hit was live, and my thought was that Byron was in the wrong.  In watching it again online, I see Sedin look back and see that Byron is coming for him, and put his back to him.

See for yourself, specifically at 22 seconds of the video:

Immediately, comments online were that it wasn't a hit, so much as a dive.  It seems people around the countries are not fans of the Sedins any more than I am.  However, I NEVER want to see a player injured, and Sedin was taken to a Vancouver area hospital, reportedly for evaluation and imaging.  First thing this morning, I looked for an update, and eventually  NHL.com posted that he had been released from hospital last night, around midnight.

Wait, what?  

The game was a late one, the last one to start.  At 7:59 pm I was on Skype with Jess, and told her about the hit.  That means Sedin was at hospital, probably by 8:30 pm.  He was released "before midnight".  That means that they were able to determine there were no injuries, no concussion, no neck injury, no cuts, no bruises, nothing....in approximately three hours.

Although I never, ever want to see a player hurt, I have to say that this appears to be a case where the dive was more the case than a hard hit.  Sedin was back at Rogers Arena this morning for the season ending press conference, apparently none the worse for wear.  I wonder what Byron was doing?

What's your take? 

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4/14/14   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Jess wrote:
Well, it's GREAT that he wasn't injured...but strange if it was indeed just a dive, just how far he went.

What got me was, to be down, unmoving, and claim that he only had tingling, then three hours later he's out of hospital without ANYTHING wrong. No concussion. No twinges, nothing. Absolutely nothing. It just seems weird.

4/14/14   |   Jess   |   35086 respect

Well, it's GREAT that he wasn't injured...but strange if it was indeed just a dive, just how far he went.