Danny Granger wishes for a power forward at Indiana Pacers

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 Danny Granger wishes for a power forward at Indiana Pacers.

Indiana Pacers small forward Danny Granger has dropped hints regarding what is lacking at Indiana Pacers. Granger has identified that Pacers need to bring in a power forward from the free agency, whenever the Lockout situation softens.

The six feet 8 inch forward managed to secure 20 points a game last season and is one of Indiana’s top players. The side currently lack experience as a very young team is currently at the core, but the Pacers managed to reach the playoffs for the first time in 4 years.

It wouldn’t be surprising should the pacers bring in some extra personnel to bolster their squad and challenge for the NBA World Championship. For Danny Granger, the Power forward department is something that needs urgent improvement. Granger himself played in that position last season and suffered because of playing out of position.

 “I think with what’s on the market at power forward, we have the opportunity to go get one of them. David West, Nene and Carl Landry are available. There are some good power forwards out there. I think we need to be deeper at that position.” The small forward added.

The Pacers currently have the likes of Josh McRoberts and Tyler Hansbrough as two players who could be promoted as the full time power forward. The duo was tried out for that position last season and did fairly well, giving the head coach little room to complain. However, there are some really better players available in the free agency, with the likes of David West and Nene Hilario. West was part of the Hornets last season while Hilario has spent his entire career with the Nuggets. Adding any of the two could prove to be the factor needed to make a difference.

Indiana also have the necessary finances for the transfers, as the side has only 35 million dollars committed for salaries for the next season. Also, free agency players would actually bolster the squad than a regular trade, whereby the Pacers would be losing one of the players that led them into the playoffs in the first place.

The future seems to be a bright one for the Indiana Pacers. Legendary Celtics forward Larry Bird is willing to provide his services to the franchise for one more season. Bird would be looking to bring in some real quality players once the NBA Lockout is over, as he would be looking to make a team for the future.


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