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Star Wars And Sports Combine To Create The Greatest Christmas Present In The Universe

12/15/08 in General Sports   |   Pat   |   5233 respect

Christmas is coming, and it's time to think about everyone. From the sports fan in the family to the hard core Star Wars fanatic. Or both. If you know someone who is both a fan of sports AND Star Wars, and who isn't, I believe we've found the best gift ever. Seriously. It's the Star Wars themed sports jerseys, because what hardcore Star Wars fan isn't secretly a serious gym rat? Or at least it gives you something dope to practice your light saber skills in.

For the bounty hunters among us, there's the Boba Fett "Assassins" jersey, as modeled above by Boba himself. There's also a Fett baseball jersey, and a vintage style football jersey as well:

Baseball: (click on the picture to see the full size image)


Got someone who's into the dark side? Maybe one of those relatives who run around smacking the dog with with a light saber while talking like James Earl Jones? Try the Darth Vader jerseys. Word is you can reject shots using only your mind.

There are plenty of varieties of the Vader edition, from baseball to football, basketball to hockey.

(click for full size image)
The tag on the football jersey above reads:
"Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith,
Is the scourge of the Jedi, a master of the Dark Side of the
Force, and one of the Emperor's most trusted servants.

Sith Lord

Tie Fighter

Hell. Yes. He also kicks butt at football.

Here's the baseball one.


The hockey one is seriously badass. I can't tell you how awesome it'd be to suit up for the Ice Planet Hoth Vaders.


There's even a Darth Vader wristband, to catch all of that extra sweat when you're hoopin' it up in your fly Vader threads:

I'll take 30 of those wristbands, please.

For those who prefer to fight evil, there's the classic Yoda jerseys. Available in basketball, football and baseball, Yoda's jerseys are not only stylish, but they'll help you pick up the chicks who aren't into the evil and gloomy "dark side". Plus we all know good Jedi masters score the hottest chicks. Dagobah rules!

(click for full size image)

(click for full size image)

So if you're searching high and low for Christmas presents, stop searching. Because these are the best damn gifts the universe has ever produced. Excellent they are, yes.

Only one problem though, how on earth did they forget to make a Skywalker basketball jersey? Kenny "Sky" Walker does not approve, George Lucas.

Jerseys courtesy of Cargo Bay and Stylin Online
Also thanks to: The 2008 Christmas List: Star Wars Jerseys [Basketbawful]
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9/16/10   |   jamaicabraden

nice one! love it.

12/15/08   |   jediwes

Old news .. these jerseys were released in 2004 .. go ahead and try to find them for sale now.

12/15/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

I got to get me some Fett gear!

12/15/08   |   guylake   |   321 respect

I think  they are missing a real opportunity with the Trekkies. For example, with the Enterprise as the logo, one could have a jersey with Players on the front and "Kirk" on the back. Also, one could run out there with Alcoholics on the front and "Scotty" on the back.

12/15/08   |   hskrdave   |   10686 respect

 For those of you wondering what to get me,  I'll take the Vader Hockey Jersey....

12/15/08   |   angelarai

12/15/08   |   taufiq_ansa

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12/15/08   |   ThaChad   |   4 respect

(Edited by ThaChad)

i wonder if Jedi/Sith powers come with the Darth Vader/Yoda jersey's? if so then i could throw a couple touchdowns, hit a few homers, throw down a few dunks and the score a few goals!

12/15/08   |   taylordanley   |   6 respect

hahaha wow great article this is awesome. i want one of those Yoda jerseys