Daryl Washington cleared to hit the field again

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When Arizona Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby thought about the idea that he would be starting alongside Daryl Washington, the player hired to replace him, he could not help but chuckle.
“Hey man. The world works in mysterious ways,” he said.
Washington, who returned this weekend after he had finished the four game suspension sentenced by the NFL was present at the practice on Wednesday but still has to be officially integrated back into the roster.
Coach Bruce Arians has decided that Washington will start against the Carolina Panthers. He selected the other inside starter to be Dansby.  When asked about his starting role, Washington replied “I’m not surprised, but sometimes you expect the unexpected. You never know how it will go in this league. What I have shown over the years, it only makes sense.”
Cornerback Patrick Peterson was eager to have him play. “He is going to add a whole new dimension to the defense,” he said. We’re going to be able to play much more aggressive than we have the last four weeks.”
Washington was suspended after he had violated the substance abuse policy of the NFL and was arrested on allegations of fighting with the mother of his child. His status was constantly under pressure. Although Washington had been training with the second unit during the training, offseason, and preseason camp, coach Arians was quick to answer that he had proven his talent and would be starting. “The thing he obviously brings is great speed and the ability to play tight ends and backs man-to-man more,” he said. “He’s a devastating blitzer, so he’s going to bring a bunch more to the table.”
When the NFL first made their policies, players suspended by them were banned from any contact with the team and their resources. But they have been relaxed a few years back and Washington was able to stay in touch with his physical and mental training and attended the meeting held by the team.  He said “I felt like I have been a part of (the team) for the most part, being around the guys and being able to look at the game plan. Not being out there on the field, that’s the negative part of going through the preparation.
“We’ll see. Give me one or two series. I think Wednesday (at practice) will define how the week goes for me.”
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