Dashon Goldson wins appeal, will start on Sunday

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A season ago, Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed was suspended one game for a repeated violation of the league's defenseless receiver rule. Reed appealed the suspension, and to the chagrin of NFL executive Ray Anderson (who issued the suspension), Reed's punishment was reduced to a $50,000 fine.

Blog Photo - Dashon Goldson wins appeal, will start on SundayWhen news broke that Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety Dashon Goldson would appeal the one-game ban he received for a helmet-to-helmet hit, the outcome was not expected to be the same as Reed's. Goldson is a notorious knockout hitter who has racked up a league-high 15 personal foul penalties since 2010. With the NFL's strong stance on player safety, Goldson seemed likely to endure a suspension due to his lengthy history of breaking the rules.

The appeal board, however, may have looked to Reed's appeal as a precedent, as they overturned Goldson's suspension. Rather than a one-game ban, Goldson will receive a $100,000 fine. The fact that his fine is double of what Reed - a fellow repeat offender - received last year tells you all you need to know about Goldson's history of violating player safety rules.

The successful appeal is a great win for Goldson, who not only gets to play this week, but also would have had to forfeit a $264,705.88 game check had he been suspended.

Goldson will start on the back end of the Buccaneers' defense in Week 3. The premier cover safety in the NFL, the Bucs will be thrilled to have Goldson back as they attempt to take down Tom Brady and the Patriots.
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