Daunte Culpepper Finishes Deal to Sell His Sole to the Devil aka Al Davis.

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Free-agent quarterback Daunte Culpepper signed a one-year contract with Oakland on Tuesday, giving the Raiders a backup plan for top draft pick JaMarcus Russell.


After a very bad divorce from the Miami Dolphins Duante has found somewhere that he might get some playing time. Hopefully for Al Davis he is worth the money he spent. I think as long as he focuses on passing he will actually be a decent QB for Russell to play behind for half the season or the whole season depending on how he plays. The man definitely still has an arm to show off and with some help from his WR crew they should have a decent season. Not saying a great season but a good one considering the past seasons for the Raiders since making the Super Bowl.

"When I became a free agent I created and ranked eight criteria that I used to evaluate potential teams that were interested in my services,'' Culpepper said. "Based on my criteria, the Oakland Raiders are the best fit.''

What is that Daunte? A team in need of a QB who hopes you can improve upon their past QB Aaron Brooks? Well that shouldn't be to difficult for you. Just don't open your mouth.

Source: (ESPN.com)
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Al Davis looks like a drug addict to bad owners couldn't be tested so he could be gone and maybe we could turn it the Raider organization around a little bit.