David Stern: Have You (Jim Rome) Stopped Beating Your Wife?

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Blog Photo - David Stern:  Have You (Jim Rome) Stopped Beating Your Wife?
In an incredibly heated and awkward conversation today on the Jim Rome Show, Commissioner David Stern and Jim Rome tangoed once again.
The temperature rose after Rome asked Stern whether the draft was fixed, since the New Orleans Hornets (NBA owned team) won the #1 pick. 
Rome:  I know you appreciate a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy.  Was the lottery fixed?
Stern:  No.  And shame on you for asking.
Rome:  I understand why you would say that to me, but I think it’s my job to ask because people wonder.
Stern:  Have you stopped beating your wife yet?
Rome:  That’s not fair.
The Commissioner’s point was that just because people may think something, it doesn’t mean that it’s true.  Having said that, David Stern is smart enough not to use domestic violence as a speculative comeback.  There’s never been a report or rumor of Jim Rome ever laying a hand on his wife.  It was just a bad example.
There are good reasons for why Stern is sick and tired of all the conspiracy arguments, but taking it out on Jim Rome was uncalled for.  It’s not as though Rome was expecting the Commissioner to says “Yes, the league is rigged,” but he simply asked the question because he wanted to hear the Commissioner’s response to the accusations.
Stern does so many things right and in my opinion, he’s the best Commissioner in sports, but today, he just looked like a little child.  Rome, on the other hand, handled an awkward conversation about as well as possible.
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