David Stern: Stopping the Flopping

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Today’s NBA players are also part-time thespians.  There must be some kind of secret acting class mirroring the King of Flopping, Vlade Divac, because flopping more than ever permeates throughout the league.  
It’s cheap, it’s dangerous, it’s dirty, but...it's legal.  And if that’s the case, why not use it to your advantage?  The entire game of basketball is predicated on deception anyway - pump fakes, crossovers, no look passes, and up-and-unders – all exist to fool the opposing defender.  So, what’s the big deal about flopping?
The difference is that flopping isn't intended to fool the defender, it's intended to fool the ref.
“‘Flopping’ almost doesn’t do it justice,” David Stern said.  “Trickery.  Deceit.  Designed to cause the game to be decided other than on its merits.  We’ll be looking at that.”
Next week, the competition committee, composed of GM’s, players, and owners, will be meeting to discuss several things about today’s game, but top on the list, is flopping.
Stern went on to say, “If there’s a rule to be changed, then we’ll look at it, and I think there will be a robust discussion about an interpretation or an emphasis about how that should or shouldn’t be called.”
There are some people that want a flop to be called a foul, some want players to be fined, and others think that a flop is too hard to gauge in real time.  And checking the replay to see if a player actually flopped or not will only slow down the game.
Regardless, flopping has to stop somehow.  In the ‘90’s it would’ve been a sign of weakness to be a flopper.  Players prided themselves on holding their defensive ground.  But in today’s game, floppers are seen as annoying frustrator’s that get your team every kind of advantage that you can get.  Their almost valuable commodities at this point.  And as a result, it’s become somewhat contagious.
The Commissioner, however, thinks “that shouldn’t have a place in our game….”
And I agree.  So, we'll have to see what the competition committee comes up with, in order to make the game that we love, even better.  Let's stop the flop and start playing hard nosed defense.
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I hate flopping...I hope the league will put a rule in place to penalize a player that is seen flopping on a replay...Paul Pierce is one of the masters of this tactic...time to win the game with skill and not trickery!