Daytona Bud Shootout [Live Thread]

Martin Truex Jr. starts on the Pole for the Bud Shootout

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The very first thing I want to say is that my prayers are with Chris Myers and his family today.  Christopher Myers, 19, was killed in an automobile accident, Thursday in southern California.  Chris will not be a part of this year's Daytona 500 broadcast, and one can only hope that the death of his son doesn't forever taint the Daytona 500 for Chris and his family.  

Last night I watched the repeat airing of the Budweiser Shootout Selection Show, with Kenny Wallace.  Kenny was a little subdued, at least for Kenny, but the show was still a lot of fun.  At the time I got home Kyle Busch had the #2 starting position and the rest of the drivers who had so far chosen their Bud bottles were scattered throughout the field.  

Ryan Newman enlisted the help of Kenny Wallace to choose (Ryan hasn't had much luck in his choices in the past) and Kenny chose starting position #13, exactly halfway through the field of 25.  

Today, all the fun of the selection process is done and Martin Truex Jr. has the pole position.  Now it's time to race!!  It's Daytona, baby, and speed is a huge factor here.  Teams will do most anything to get those precious few miles per hour extra, and always have.

In case you missed it, the 48 car of Jimmie Johnson, with Crew Chief, Chad Knaus had some "problems" on Friday.  The car failed inspection.  It was found to have an illegal C-post, and the part was confiscated, but no penalties were levied....yet.  This is nothing new for Chad Knaus, who has been given the nickname "Cheatin' Chad" by many NASCAR fans.  A replacement part was flown in from Charlotte, and the team continued preparations.  However, John Darby commented that "Suspensions are not out of the realm of possibility".  The team was allowed to fix the car and it is unlikely that any penalties will be levied until after the Daytona 500.  Interesting enough, Ken Howes, vice president of competition for Hendrick Motorsports, seemed a little surprised to find himself defending one of their teams so early in the year.  He recovered, however, when asked if the change was a deliberate attempt for advantage, and said "that's a difficult way to put it.  You work within the templates the best way you think.  Obviously you're trying to do a better job than the next guy."  The way I read that, yes, it was a deliberate attempt for advantage.

Also, in the last shootout practice session on Friday, a whole bunch of cars got wrecked.  Tony Stewart was following Kurt Busch (in his new ride, the 51 car) and when Kurt checked up just the tiniest bit, Tony got into his rear bumper and turned him.  That turn took out Tony, Kyle Busch, AJ Allmendinger, Brad Keselowski, Jeff Gordon and himself.  Tony manned up and accepted full responsibility because he was the guy pushing. He and his crew decided to fix his car.  Some of the others went to backup cars.

Will Kurt or anyone else be looking for payback today?

Now practice is done and the race is on.  Cheer, jeer, scream or shout.  Yell.  Swear (with asterisks, of course) or cry.  This is the place to do it all.  
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kramer wrote:
Sorry I'm late to the party.  I watched this entire race, and good for Shrub winning this one, let him win a 150 on Thursday too, because then he WON'T win the 500.  I don't know how he wasn't shedding parts because that car bottomed out 4 times in 2 incidents.  I'm glad Gordon is okay, and I bet the drivers learned a lot tonight.

i wouldn't be surprised at that at all...

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Sorry I'm late to the party.  I watched this entire race, and good for Shrub winning this one, let him win a 150 on Thursday too, because then he WON'T win the 500.  I don't know how he wasn't shedding parts because that car bottomed out 4 times in 2 incidents.  I'm glad Gordon is okay, and I bet the drivers learned a lot tonight.

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Oh Emm Gee.  Shrub WINS!! He pushed Smoke right to the Checkered Flag, and waited until the perfect minute and yanked that destroyed race car out in front to do what his big brother did last year.

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Jeff is okay.

About 5 cars will restart for the final laps.  NOT the kind of race any of us fans wanted to see.  What will NASCAR do to prevent this kind of crap for the Twin 125's and the 500?  We can't have them racing like this....

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And just like that.  The race is pretty much over.  Jeff Gordon is upside down after trying to get around Kyle Busch. What an ugly scene.

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Oh, and Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson are 1 and 2...........

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Only a handful of drivers left in the race.  Smoke, Shrub, Ears, BK, Jamie Mac, Newman, Denny, Flipper....

Still some good cars left, with 5 to go.............

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And just as fast as I typed that, Greg Biffle, Jimmie Johnson and Joey Logano, who desperately needs to start getting some good finishes if he wants to keep his ride, get past Jamie and 

OH CRAP!! Another big wreck, Kevin Harvick, Matt Kenseth, Dale Jr., and Martin Truex Jr all involved.  Kevin's car on fire, he has no brakes and can't stop the car.  Kevin puts the window net down and tries to drive it by looking out the window.  

With 20 laps to go, there really will be only a few cars left in the race. 

The replay shows Logano checked up, just a tiny bit and got turned by Marcos Ambrose.  His car did a 180 and ended up facing Dale Jr who had nowhere to go.  And it was on.

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Jeff Gordon in first, with Dale Jr right behind him. ..............

Okay, Jamie McMurray and Kevin Harvick just blew by a bunch of cars and took over the lead.

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Kyle Busch just showed exactly how good a driver he is.....

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Second segment under way, and WOW the overhead view really shows how the cars move around now.  Clint Bowyer, in his new ride with Michael Waltrip Racing and when he tried to change lanes to get past Carl Edwards, his teammate, Martin Truex Jr turned him into the infield.  It was totally unintentional.  NASCAR has changed the rules and will not allow drivers to be in contact with one another, so Truex had NO idea Bowyer was making the lane change.  

NASCAR can be such morons at times.

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So this thread was supposed to publish earlier this afternoon to give you guys a chance to BS and trash talk, but that didn't happen.  Dammit.  

Oh well, home from work, and the first segment is over.  The cars are in the pits, making adjustments, but if the next 50 laps are anything like the first 25, we may not have any cars left in the race!  An early caution took out a few cars, and that wreck looked eerily like the wreck in practice yesterday.  

Good thing about that?  Mikey Waltrip is in the booth, giving us some more Waltrip perspective......