DeAndre Jordan bricks free throw very, very badly

Want to see one of the worst free throws ever?

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I was enjoying a nice game of basketball last night, watching the Lakers claw their way back into the game after the Clippers started the night on a demoralizing run. Clippers' center DeAndre Jordan ends up at the free throw line. Knowing that he shoots an abysmal 42.9% from the charity stripe, I paid close attention to what was about to ensue. He sets himself. He seems confident enough. I've definitely seen worse form on better shooters. But somehow, the ball ends up rifled into the backboard, missing the rim completely. Here's a look at Jordan's comical free throw attempt:

Blog Photo - DeAndre Jordan bricks free throw very, very badly

I'm not sure if I've ever seen a professional basketball player shoot a worse free throw than that. I'm not sure if I ever saw a worse free throw attempt playing in rec leagues during high school. Don't be fooled by the fact that it wasn't an air ball - it was worse. Imagine if the backboard wasn't there. That thing may have landed a couple rows back. You think you're in the cheap seats and all of a sudden the game ball lands right on your lap.

Free throw shooting is by far Jordan's biggest weakness, and it hurts him down the stretch of games. The Clippers can't even have him on the court in the final minutes because teams will hack-a-Shaq him and he'll throw up bricks like that.

By the way - what the video doesn't show is that he swooshes the next one. Go figure.
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