Dear Roger

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The National Football League has not only become a multi-billion dollar enterprise, but has also transformed into an American icon, whereby being a football player elevates your social status. If this is such an American “experience,” then why is Roger Goodell so interested in expanding Professional Football overseas?

Personally, I take a very American stance on this issue. I firmly believe that American football should only be played in this country. First, who are we to believe that people in London, perhaps, truly want to be imposed on by an American sport? Our sport is violent and played by people that are incredibly large in stature. Football is as American as it gets. Nevertheless, Roger Goodell continues to show signs that he is interested in such propositions.

Where Goodell should focus his concerns is towards maintaining the product he currently has constructed. The NFL is truly perfect and by no means needs another team. Goodell has mentioned expanding the playoffs to 14 teams. The current playoff structure consists of 12 teams.

If Goodell continues to expand, his on the field product will eventually diminish. It must also be noted that I do understand his reasoning for his business ideology with regard to expansion.  He realizes that by having more teams in the playoffs, it will create an even larger viewership, thusly increasing overall revenue. Despite the money making machine that is the NFL’s power, it is just not good business to pursue such actions. Principally this enterprise is known for its quality on the field. Having the premier athletes, arguably in the world, is the foremost reason why the NFL is Americas most successful sports business.  If this key character trait is taken from fans, then the game, as we know it, will not be the same.

Many are discussing the injuries related to the head as a possible deterrent and overall potential killer of the game of football. While these head injuries are a crucial medical liability to the game, expanding the NFL would slowly do the same.  Only a select few have the ability to play at such a high level. These individuals are certainly compensated extraordinarily well. This trend of high compensation is because these athletes are so gifted and few and far to come by. Therefore, I ask you, Mr. Goodell please reconsider your actions. If you continue to pursue these aforementioned efforts you will loose a game that he given yourself so much.
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