Death rocker suing Kevin Durant over "Durantula" nickname

Death metal band suing Kevin Durant over "Durantula" nickname

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Blog Photo - Death rocker suing Kevin Durant over "Durantula" nicknameThe Oklahoma Thunder may be on the verge of losing the 2012 NBA Finals, but Kevin Durant may be on the verge of losing more than that -- he might lose his nickname. Durant was sued in a Federal Court on Thursday for using the nickname "Durantula", which a heavy metal guitarist claims to have trademarked in 1993.

Kind of makes me want to start band called Duran Durantula, just to spite this guy.

TMZ got the scoop that death rock guitarist Mark Durante is suing Kevin Durant for using the term "Durantula". Durante claims that he trademarked the term "Durantula" in 1993, and owns it for purposes of "music, recordings, apparel, t-shirts, guitars, and related merchandise."

Take a look at this band Durantula's web site. Frankly, someone ought to sue them for terrible web page design.

Blog Photo - Death rocker suing Kevin Durant over "Durantula" nicknameMark Durante is somebody who used to be somebody. Aging punk rockers like myself remember his 80s and 90s bands, the Revolting Cocks and KMFDM. His Wikipedia page has the clever edit, "Currently Suing Kevin Durant for free publicity."

Kevin Durant himself does not use the nickname "Durantula", though the lawsuit alleges that Durant has sold autographed basketballs with the name. The nickname was bethrothed to him by blogger J.E. Skeets in 2009.

The Thunder franchise has marketed some Durantula gear, as has Nike.The Oklahoma City Thunder and Nike both have vastly higher net worth than Kevin Durant himself.

Mark Durante, your attorney could use a lesson in "suing whomever has the most money."
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