Denver Broncos Tim Tebow turns from necessity to surplus

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The interesting thing about football is that it never fails to surprises its fans, which is why most of America eats, drinks and dreams about the sport. Similarly, whenever there is gossip about the NFL it spreads faster than a wild fire in the Outbacks of Australia. Now the media has released an interesting piece of gossip which fuels speculation of Tim Tebow making an early move out of Denver.

Tebow fears he will be overshadowed by players like Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn. Experts would agree that the Broncos have increased the amount of talent on their roster, which is not bad for the club but if it’s not managed it can prove disastrous for a player’s career.

Just a few weeks ago, Tebow was the Broncos new best signing and in line to be in the starting lineup. Now, however, the NFL star has fallen down the pecking order to a third stringed quarterback, behind Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn.

The season opener will indeed be an awkward moment for all three players, Tebow, Orton and Quinn, all of whom are planning to gain first team appearances. Tebow believes that he can surpass each candidate in performance if he is given the chance.

The fact of the matter is that Tebow is simply one of the most polarized sports figure in America. There is an army of fans that believe Tebow can handle the situation if he is made to start but on the other hand there is a legion of critics that are ready to bare their guns at Tebow, considering him to be over publicized celebrity.

Still the decision that counts will be made by Broncos think tank and Coach John Fox. Experts suggest Fox is left with two options.

The first choice could be to use Tebow as a change-up guy, mostly in the red zone. Tebow’s ability to remain poised under pressure and improvise where necessary are the essentials to becoming a good quarterback. Coming to think of it, these are also some of the reasons why Tebow is so popular.

However, Tebow loves to kiss the ground now and then and has happy feet for help. His passes are wobbly and shaky at times and he is sometimes over confident about his abilities.

Henceforth, in the 2nd scenario Broncos could cut him from the roster but there will be a price to pay. Just recently, Broncos handed Tebow $6.7 million, with guaranteed money as part of his first-round rookie deal.

For Tebow it will be hard to prove himself without much opportunity and teams won’t buy him now until they have seen him running for a season, therefore for now everything is expected to remain the same with Orton starting, Quinn ready as back up and Tebow benched and waiting.

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8/27/11   |   chevleclair   |   378 respect

Only time will tell.

8/26/11   |   w_g_walters   |   223 respect

I don't think Tebow is going to get much better. He's put forth so much effort he's bound to start burning out.

8/26/11   |   chevleclair   |   378 respect

Orton is a decent QB. He's more on the line of Trent Dilfer, meaning he's okay so long as he doesn't have to throw 35-40 passes a game. Brady Quinn is a little-used guy who lacks intangibles, more like Frank Reich. Tim Tebow reminds me of Bobby Layne, with his never surrender attitude and poor mechanics. I must admit, that even a botched play is more exciting when Tebow is a part of it,more often than not, however,  it's the wrong kind of exciting. He needs to put his ego aside, and use this bench time as an opportunity to learn how to be a good quarterback in the NFL, instead of fretting about everything else.

8/26/11   |   kantwistaye   |   4215 respect

 By surplus, I assume you mean a surplus of below average (at best) QBs.

8/26/11   |   derms33   |   17645 respect

how many people outside of Florida or Denver, give a crap about Tebow?