Denver Broncos defensive coach Wayne Nunnely retires from the NFL

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Blog Photo - Denver Broncos defensive coach Wayne Nunnely retires from the NFL
Denver Broncos’ defensive coach, Wayne Nunnely has decided to retire from football after coaching it for an astounding 36 years. Wayne Nunnely, who coached football for 17 years in the NFL, told media in his last press conference that was happy and satisfied with what he had achieved with his career.
Wayne Nunnely further stated that he would like to thank all of the men and organizations who gave him opportunities to prove himself. Wayne Nunnely also said that he was proud of the accomplishments Denver Broncos had achieved over the past couple of years and wished them best of luck for the new season.
“It has been an absolute dream come true for me to coach for 36 years,” Wayne Nunnely said in a statement to club’s official site. “I am so thankful for all the opportunities I have been given to have a positive impact on others through the game of football. More than anything, I am proud of the accomplishments of the teams and players I have been so privileged to work with over the years.”
Wayne Nunnely was the defensive line coach for the Denver Broncos for nearly three seasons. Previously, Wayne Nunnely spent 12 years with the San Diego Chargers as their defensive coach. He also spent two seasons as the defensive coach of New Orleans Saints.
Wayne Nunnely is well known in football ranks for his defensive strategies. Interestingly, Wayne Nunnely acquired the passion for coaching defense over time. In an interview before Denver Broncos 2011 season opener, Wayne Nunnely confessed that he used to coach running backs in the early parts of his coaching career.
“I was a running back,” Wayne Nunnely isad. “I was coaching running backs the first year of my first college job. Our D-line coach quit that spring and for some reason, I always say it was God’s will, he came to me and asked if I would coach the D-line. I coached it that year, left there, went to another school, coached D-line, went back to running backs for about eight years, and ended up with the D-line once again at UCLA – my last college job.
“And then I was in the NFL after that – I’ve been coaching the D-line ever since. It was meant to be to coach the D-line, because my expertise at that time was running backs, but the good Lord saw fit for me that he knew in the future I was going to be coaching D-line.”
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