Denver Broncos head coach John Fox talks about his heart complication

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsDenver Broncos head coach John Fox has for now managed to put the day on the Charlotte golf course when he collapsed and could hardly breathe behind him. But when he came back on Sunday he had reminiscence of that incident.
Fox had to stay out of the coaching seat for 4 weeks after he was diagnosed with aortic stenosis and required special care from nurses and family member to heal back to full health. Aortic Stenosis is a medical condition in which the heart has a blocked aortic valve which is only partially open and the rest is clogged. This causes the blood flow within the body to fall short and can have dangerous effects on the body.
He was diagnosed with aortic stenosis five years ago when back when he was the Giants defensive coordinator. When he had serious complications on the golf course that fateful day he made the decision that he was not going to delay surgical procedure any longer and would go under the knife immediately.
"Basically I wasn't getting any oxygen," Fox said during the Super Bowl news conference scheduled on Sunday at new Jersey on the Cornucopia Majesty ship. ". . . Basically, you're kind of smothered. It was more like suffocating than anything else."
During his monthlong absence from the team, Fox remained focused on returning to the coaching sideline. And while his players prayed for their coach's speedy recovery, they never lost a step during their playoff push.
But even when his life was on the line due to the condition and when it was a successful procedure he had one thing on his mind and that was to return to the sidelines and back in his coaching shoes. And the team was just as strong knowing that their coach was okay as they were in his absence.
Fox said that he was blessed to have the surgery without any complications and was happy to be back.
"I'm glad it's over with. I was very blessed," Fox said. " . . . I thought it was pretty much like any injury of a player, four to five weeks, made it back early, worked hard to get back. And once that started, I never really gave it a second thought."
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