Derek Jeter should retire after season ending injury

Is it time for Derek Jeter to hang up his cleats?

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Sept 3, 2013; Bronx, NY, USA; New York Yankees designated hitter Derek Jeter (2) is hit by a pitch from Chicago White Sox starting pitcher Chris Sale (49, not pictured) in the first inning at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John Munson/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY SportsThe Yankees have placed Derek Jeter on the disabled list, effectively ending his season. But should he stay on the shelf for longer than that? Is it time for Derek Jeter to retire?

He has only managed to play in 17 games this season, and even in those games, he was awful. He's hitting .190 with an OPS+ of 50. That means he's FAR below even an average hitter.

Jeter is 39 years old. He's not getting any more durable, talented, faster, or better in any way. In the field, he has been a liability for years, whether or not Yankees fans want to admit it. Now, with him becoming a liability at the plate as well, he's becoming more and more useless as a player and more of a figurehead for an organization sorely lacking strong leadership.

It's time for Derek Jeter to call it a career. Walk off into the sunset with Mariano Rivera at the end of the season, and maybe even take Andy Pettitte along as well.

If Jeter returns to the Yankees next year, it's only going to complicate things for the team, force them to overpay him once again, and create an awkward position for Joe Girardi, who will feel compelled to give Jeter playing time even though the Yankees just acquired defensive wizard Brendan Ryan, who is already a clear upgrade over Jeter.

Don't put the Yankees in that position. Just retire, Derek.
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9/21/13   |   chevleclair   |   378 respect

Regardless of what he decides to do, I can only tip my cap to the Captain. I can only think of the times where he's been respectful of his teammates and rivals alike. Quite frankly, I miss the rivalry between him and Pedro Martinez. As far as this era, Jeter will be the all around standard for me.

9/12/13   |   Wards_Page   |   248 respect

Jeter should probably retire but there's no way he's gonna go out like this. Same way Mariano Rivera didn't want to end his career on a warning track in KC. I think he and the Yankees work something out where he will come back next year in some sort of platoon/occasional DH role. If Mo gets a retirement tour of the bigs, so does Jeter. As for Brendan Ryan, he is indeed a defensive whiz. Too bad he can't hit a lick. Jeter with two broken legs hits better than him. However, if Yankees can teach Ryan to take the ball to right he'll probably hit 50 home runs. Ha!