Derek Jeter still going strong at 38

Jeter's quest for 4,000 hits

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Blog Photo - Jeter still going strong at 38At the beginning of last year Derek Jeter struggled to start the season. Fans called NYC radio stations asking for his replacement. All he had done was in the rear-view mirror. Thanks for your services--now step aside--is basically what they were saying. He started the month of May hitting just .242. Then he improved his average every month for the rest of the season and ended up hitting .297. He also joined a very prestigious club--the 3,000 hit club.

This year Jeter avoided any early season rumblings that his demise was near by getting out of the gate on fire. This year on May1 Jeter was batting .400. Now he obviously wasn't going to continue hitting at such a high level; His average dropped as low as .298, and the comments started. However, Jeter went in the opposite direction and is now hitting .320. Due to Melky Cabrera's 50-game suspension for PED's, Jeter now leads MLB with 159 hits.

Jeter is on pace for his 8th season with 200 or more hits. At the age of 38 Jeter may join elite company. Only Pete Rose and Paul Molitor achieved 200 hits at the age of 38 or older. Molitor actually did it at 39. So the next question is--can Jeter get to 4,000 hits?

Jeter will likely finish this season around 3,300 career hits. Considering his numbers are expected to diminish at some point; if Jeter averages just 170 hits over the next 4 years, he will have 3,980 hits. Sounds possible, right? Well, so many variables in that equation. Will he stay healthy? Does he want to stick around to pursue such a milestone? Or does Jeter want to go after Rose's all-time hit record of  4,256? Now Rose played until he was 45. Jeter won't have to play that long. What do you think Jeter will finish with?

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