Deron Williams Pushed Jerry Sloan Out of Utah

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Blog Photo - Deron Williams Pushed Jerry Sloan Out of UtahIt's often funny when details of a story arise after a few years because we can finally understand what went down and why it happened the way it did.

Jerry Sloan abruptly resigned from the Utah Jazz mid-season during the '11 - '12 season and most attributed it to the disgruntled point guard Deron Williams, however, they did not realize that he actually pushed him over the edge. 

Stars in the NBA are a hot commodity and they are very temperamental.  Williams apparently had a disagreement with Sloan during halftime of a game and reportedly would not calm down or discontinue his rant, which ultimately left Sloan struggling to remain afloat. Apparently, even big Al Jeferson couldn't calm him down and that's what lead to Sloan's departure. 

CEO Greg Miller notes that if Williams had cut short his rant, Sloan might not have ever left the organization and D-Will might still be in Utah. However, that's not how it unfolded. 

"Jerry said at that point 'I don't have anything else'," Miller said. 

Obviously, the chain of events went something like this: Sloan resigned the following day, Williams was dealt to Brooklyn and both Utah became a completely different franchise.
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