Deron Williamsí hair style causing storms from New Jersey to Salt Lake City

1/5/12 in NBA   |   KurtKingsley   |   1858 respect

Point guard Deron Williams is not an occupant of the Salt Lake City and neither does he play fort the Utah Jazz anymore. All that changed last year. Since then, Deron has been under contract with the New Jersey Nets after he forced a trading move by refusing to sign a contract extension with Utah.

It was a surprising move but it wasn’t the only surprise Deron gave last year. During the NBA lockout, Deron stunned the audience by becoming one of the first players to ink a contract with a foreign club. Soon after the season was delayed the 27-year-old signed up to play for the Turkish club, Besiktas.

Now this season, Deron’s haircut has changed slightly, nonetheless it hasn’t changed from the heads of Deron’s most devoted fans. Most fans actually prefer the old Deron in comparison to the new one. The old Deron’s famous hair style became known as the “Deron Williams fade”, something that is still very popular with people in Utah.

They might consider Deron as a traitor, but that hasn’t eliminated the love they have for him. As a matter of fact barber’s shops from the Salt Lake City are getting increased demands of the “Deron Williams fade”, or at least that’s what’s in the air.

According to various reports, the “Deron Williams fade” has outstripped its cousin, the “Clooney-cut” which had been poplar for quite some time. It has also easily overcome the “Justin Bieber shag”, which was becoming quite popular in Boston and San Francisco.

Newbies, Gordon Hayward and Devin Harris have tried to replicate Deron’s success on streets but they have failed miserably. They will probably need to take a few lessons from the Hall of Famer, Dennis Rodman.

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