Derrick Mason to retire as Baltimore Ravens player

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Derrick Mason followed through his plans of retirement which he announced in January and Monday marks his retirement as a Baltimore Ravens wide receiver. It was an inevitable path for Derrick Mason, who met by disappointments following his surprising release from the Baltimore Ravens after last season’s NFL lockout.  Derrick Mason faced a tumultuous 2011 season when he was signed by the New York Jets only to be traded in October and released by in December by the Houston Texans.
Derrick Mason had become comfortable with the Baltimore Ravens after spending six seasons’ there. Initially Derrick Mason was sore over the franchise’s decision to part ways with their most reliable receiver.
 “I was a little bit disappointed,” said Derrick Mason in a May interview.  “I kind of took it personal, and I shouldn’t have.”
However, Derrick Mason planned to make amends and later expressed his desire to retire as a Baltimore Ravens player. Derrick Mason recalled that he started maturing as a player after his transition to the Baltimore Ravens. In at least four of his six seasons with the Baltimore Ravens, Derrick Mason had over 1,000 receiving yards, while producing  a significant 750-yards in the two remaining season.
“I want to retire as a Raven, because I had some great, great memories there and I met a lot of great people,” declared Derrick Mason. “That’s my football family.”
Derrick Mason was recognized as a veteran route-runner who was consistent with receptions and rarely made mistakes. Derrick Mason wasn’t known for his brute force and was rather acknowledged for his offense play.
The Baltimore Ravens warmly met Derrick Mason’s desire to retire with the franchise. A Monday afternoon press conference at the Baltimore Raven’s training facility in Owings Mills, where Derrick Mason will be accompanied by team General Manager Ozzie Newsome and team John Harbaugh, goes to show that the franchise value the receiver as a retired Baltimore Ravens’ player. Derrick Mason passed on his excitement in the following tweet:
“I can walk away knowing I used every inch of the wick in the candle now the fire is out!!! I'm truly happy with my decision”
Derrick Mason had a 15-year NFL career, in which eight years he remained with Tennessee Titans (initially called the Oilers) and came to the Baltimore Ravens at the peak of his professional performance, in 2005. The 38-year-old came up with a career total of 934 receptions for 12,064 yards and 66 touchdowns. Derrick Mason boasts the franchise record for receptions with 471 for 5,777 receiving yards, during his tenure with the Baltimore Ravens. Derrick Mason also recorded a single-season franchise record in 2007 with 103 receptions; and is just behind tight end Todd Heap, taking the second spot for 29 touchdowns on receptions.
Derrick Mason clinches the 19th position in NFL history for the most receiving yards.
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