Derrick Rose quietly hoping Heat eliminate Bulls in 1 game

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Blog Photo - Derrick Rose quietly hoping Heat eliminate Bulls in 1 game

Derrick Rose boos the Bulls as his team advances
to yet another emotionally grueling round of playoff basketball

With the Bulls' regretful effort pushing them to yet another grueling round of playoff basketball, Derrick Rose has upgraded his status to hopeful (that Miami ousts Chicago from the playoffs in one decisive game). While most, if not all 7-game series' tend to last at least 4 games, Rose is finding solace in the idea that if anybody can complete the fabled one-game-sweep, it's the Heat.

"I'm going to be pulling for my team, obviously, I'm just saying that if there comes a point when we're down by 25 and the Miami Heat begin to resemble a god damn flying trapeze act, we should just be happy with what we've accomplished and call it a season," said Rose from his patented sitting position.
WIth everybody hoping to see Rose back in uniform  as soon as possible, the former-MVP could not be any clearer about his status: he is somewhat optimistic that he may eventually be cleared by his own personal opinion to resume basketball-playing thoughts and ideas. As Rose exhibits a level of restraint so incredibly zen-like it has made several Bulls fans spontaneously combust, all his teammates can do is be patient.

"There's nothing we can do but go out there and play our hardest until pronounced dead, medically speaking" said Joakim Noah, who has been playing through a foot injury, a terrible haircut, and multiple bruises to his heart and the area around his heart. "We just hope Derrick's knee feels better," he added.

"The truth of it is is that there's always next season," stressed Rose. "And beyond that, if next season just doesn't feel right, there are a bunch of seasons after that." 

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carlosvillegas312 wrote:

(this is satire. I was as thrilled as all non-Heat fans to see what the Bulls did last night). 

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I don't like the headline.