Derrick Rose says he could play in the playoffs

Derrick Rose said what about the Playoffs? Here we go again

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Thursday afternoon Derrick Rose said something I'm sure the Bulls' front office didn't want him to say.

After tearing his meniscus and undergoing what we later learned to be season-ending surgery; Rose told reporters that if he recovers properly and the situation is right, he could return for the NBA playoffs.


This feels like the movie Groundhog Day. For the love of god, not again. Not one Bulls' fan (including yours truly) wants to deal with this all over again. Last year was painful enough.

Hopefully Bulls VP of basketball operations John Paxson and GM Gar Forman have a response to this by Friday.

The interesting thing about Rose's cautiously optimistic words, is when you think about the injury he sustained. It should boggle anyone's mind as to how a torn meniscus would end a season, including playoffs.

If you do the research on the injury, or go back and look up previous players with the injury, the worst case scenario is Rose missing no more than 10 weeks. Let's give him 12 because apparently he heals slower than the average man. Isn't it ironic that a world class athlete of his caliber may take more time to recover from injuries than your UPS guy?

I know I know, I should be more sensitive, right? I love Derrick Rose's game and his passion on the court. With that said, it is unfathomable to me how is he isn't back by March 1 the latest.

Did Paxson and Forman announce he's done for the season out of fear that there would be another circus in town come playoff time? Did they consider "done for the season" doesn't technically include playoffs?

Did the Bulls doctors perform a "special" surgery that will require Rose to sit out 3 additional months? Hello McFly, is anyone home? Someone needs to investigate the extent of this injury and surgery.

I get they want to be cautious but this is absurd. I think Bulls' fans should be more angry this year than last if he doesn't play, just based on knowledge of the injury and recovery time.

OR, I hope you stayed with me this long for my reveal of why he's really out for the season. Is the ACL he tore almost two years still bothering him? And I mean mentally, not so much physically? What if both?

I want answers goddammit!!!!

And by the way, how many rehabs will it take before someone on the Bulls coaching staff suggests to Derrick that perhaps he should develop a mid range game? Not everything has to be a layup or three point shot.

That concludes my rant. I hope you enjoyed.


Angry Bulls fan

p.s. It was fun to watch the Bulls embarrass the Heat Thursday night. Did the Rose news motivate them? 
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