Detriot Pistons Do What They Always Do

Would Somebody Please Tell The Pistons This Isn't The Regular Season Anymore

5/25/08 in NBA   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

I've admittedly ripped Doc Rivers quite a bit for his coaching, which I feel is appropriate. But for some reason I haven't gone to town on the whole Pistons team yet. Well, now I will.

One of the staples of this Detroit team over the years is that they seem to make every series that they play in tougher than it needs to be. And they primarily do that by simply mailing in games - like last night. That's OK to do during the regular season as times, since it's a long grind, but this is the playoffs. You should NEVER mail in a game during the playoffs.

But Detroit has a bad habit of doing that. In fact, in the majority of the Pistons' playoff series over the past 6 years, I can remember multiple times where they more or less took a dive for a few games in a series.

Some people have argued that this is just the personality of this team, which is that they don't play their best basketball until their backs are against the wall. The only problem with that logic is that when your margin for error is nil, it becomes real easy to fail.

The stunning thing is how good this team could possibly be if they just figured out how to play effectively for a full playoff series. This is their 6th year in a row in the Eastern Conference Finals, and yet they have only one NBA Championship to show for it. They remind me a lot of those old Atlanta Braves squads in the 90s. Always on the cusp of winning a World Series, but in the end, they could only manage to win one.

I'd blame Flip Saunders for this, but in reality, he doesn't seem to be the problem. It seems this team, whose core group of players has hardly changed over the years, simply believes it can operate under a different set of rules. And that is that they can fail to show up for a game or two in a playoff series and still prevail.

The thing is, this may still work against the Celtics, who I think Detroit SHOULD beat. But then again, there are a lot of teams during Detroit's run that I thought they should have beaten that they didn't.

But the real problem for the current Pistons squad is that people are starting question their legacy at this point.

For me, I'll remember them mostly as a very good team that didn't live up to expectations because they consistently mailed in games during the playoffs.

And my guess is that's not exactly the way they would like to be remembered.
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5/26/08   |   IlliniBob72   |   83 respect

(Edited by IlliniBob72)

"If Rondo thinks the Cavaliers played him in such a way that he has to make shots, he will be in a whole other world against the Detroit Pistons. The Pistons' entire defensive scheme will be to force Rondo to become a jump shooter. Both the Hawks and Cavaliers attempted to do this, and Rondo's shooting percentage is down five percentage points during the playoffs. The Pistons, a better-executing defensive team than either Atlanta or Cleveland, will likely do the same. During these playoffs (14 games), Rondo has taken 11 three-pointers (making four of those attempts). During the entire regular season, Rondo attempted just 19 three-pointers in 77 games (making five of those attempts). For Boston to break out of the offensive malaise they have encountered in these playoffs, Rondo will need to prove he can at least hit an occasional jump shot, while still being aggressive getting to the rim both in transition and off of ball screens."

That hardly screams to me that Basketball Prospectus feels he can shoot a lick. I'm guessing that 49% you are hitching your wagon to is misleading.

5/26/08   |   IlliniBob72   |   83 respect

He shoots at a 49% clip.  Wtf are you looking at?

I guess I'm looking at more than you are.

5/26/08   |   IlliniBob72   |   83 respect

And please clarify your ridiculous stance on Rondo.  Open up a box score.  He can't hit the three with regularity, but he's one of the best Field Goal shooting guards in the game.

Ridiculous position? A little harsh, no? The fact is that Rondo is a poor shooter for an NBA player. I actually thought this view was universally accepted. I mean, that is why the C's got Cassell, no?  That is also why Rondo took nineteen 3's in 77 regular season games. You admitted that he can't hit the three with regularity. "Regularity" is being kind, to say the least.


Rondo is so poor a shooter that it has been documented by unbiased outlets...



Does he shoot better than you or me? Probably. Is he a good NBA shooter? As ridiculous as you may deem it, the answer is no. 

5/26/08   |   Pat   |   5233 respect

Once again...disregard all NBA "analysis" from 100%.

5/25/08   |   Nick S

100%InjuryRate wrote:
Billups, Rip, Tayshaun, Sheed, Maxiell. Plus McDyess playing exceptionally well right now. Yeah, clearly they're INFINITELY inferior to a team that revolves around two all-stars, a walking corpse (Ray Allen), a point guard who can't shoot, and a center who wouldn't start on three quarters of NBA teams. Just hand Boston the Eastern Conference championship now. Why even bother playing?

Billups is better then Rando
Rip and Allen are usually about as good as each other but not the way Allen has played these playoffs, so Rip is better.
Pierce is better then Prince
Garnett is better then Sheed
Perkins is as good as Maxiell
Posey is as good as McDyess
Stuckey is better then House/Cassell

Who else do you want to compare??
PJ Brown/Glen Davis/Leon Powe are all better then Ratliff and their big guys
Tony Allen and Lindsey Hunter are both defensive specialists

I don't see how the Pistons are better at all. The Celtics are either a little better then them on paper or they are equal.

Oh and Rando is a bad 3 point shooter but he certainly can hit his fair share of jump shots especially if he is wide open. (Shooting about 50% from the field for the season)

Not saying to hand the Celtics the EC championship, just disspelling the rumor that the Pistons are that much better then the Celtics.

5/25/08   |   derrickcabral

Nick S wrote:
Why "SHOULD" the Pistons beat the Celtics???

the celtics are goin to put the pistons right where they belong back home. The Celtics are goin tobring the hurt even more than they did in game 3. I'm takin Celtics in 6 b/c the pistons can't seem to stop kevin garnett or paul pierce.

5/25/08   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

I guess somebody on ESPN said so.  They're an infinitely less talented team though, so good question.

Billups, Rip, Tayshaun, Sheed, Maxiell. Plus McDyess playing exceptionally well right now. Yeah, clearly they're INFINITELY inferior to a team that revolves around two all-stars, a walking corpse (Ray Allen), a point guard who can't shoot, and a center who wouldn't start on three quarters of NBA teams. Just hand Boston the Eastern Conference championship now. Why even bother playing?

5/25/08   |   kantwistaye   |   4216 respect

The Pistons have made to six straight Eastern Conference Finals, but why does that mean they should have any titles?  The Eastern Conference has been as weak as any conference in history has been the past 6 years.  The Pistons have essentially had a 2 round bye the past six years, so its hard to say that they've underachieved at all - its not like getting to the Eastern Conference Finals has been much of an achievement recently anyway.

5/25/08   |   beerstudk   |   1538 respect

Don't blame the team, blame Rasheed Wallace.  I watched him tear a really good Trailblazer team to shreds and ruin the reputation and careers of Damon Stoudamire and Bonzi Wells.  The dude is one of the most talented players alive but has a horrible outlook and attitude and brings everyone else around him down to his level.  Just look at Rip Hamiltons technical fouls since the Wallace trade.

5/25/08   |   recruitgivans

OK~CLEARS THROAT~ Piston, this isnt a regular season any more............................ther how was that

5/25/08   |   Nick S

Why "SHOULD" the Pistons beat the Celtics???