Detroit Lions Fans Are Apparently As Stupid As Their Front Office

4/20/08 in NFL   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Matt Millen and the Detroit Lions' front office have gotten a serious amount of crap over the years for their questionable draft tactics. Maybe there's some logic to using your first round pick every year on a wide receiver, like if you played in a flag football league, but in the NFL I don't get it - and neither do Detroit Lions fans.

But for all the crap Lions fans have justifiably given their front office, they don't seem to be any better at drafting guys themselves.

The Lions' official Web site is currently running a mock draft where fans get to vote on which player each team should draft. They'll ultimately get to vote on the Lions' pick as well.

So far, here's who they've selected - see if you can spot the player that doesn't belong.

1. Miami: T Jake Long Michigan
2. St. Louis: DE Chris Long Virginia
3. Atlanta: QB Matt Ryan Boston College
4. Oakland: RB Darren McFadden Arkansas
5. Kansas City: DT Glenn Dorsey LSU
6. New York Jets: DL Vernon Gholston Ohio State
7. New England: CB Leodis McKelvin Troy
8. Baltimore: QB Chad Henne Michigan
9. Cincinnati: DT Sedrick Ellis USC

Yes, that's Chad Henne at #8. The same Chad Henne that's not projected to go until a full round later - best case scenario. Maybe there are people out there worse at drafting than Millen.

Now you might say, maybe this is some incredible trick played by Detroit fans. But if you say that, then you've obviously never met anyone from Detroit. This is no prank.

There's also the homerism angle, of course. But really, if any fanbase should know when you shouldn't draft a guy - even for another team in a mock draft - it's the Lions' fanbase.

I'm just wondering who Lions fans are going to pick at #15 this coming Friday. At this rate my guess would be they find some way to redraft Mike Williams.
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4/30/08   |   $Big BANK Bob$   |   25 respect

A lot of teams with sellout streaks have front offices who buy the extra tickets to cook the books and make it technically a sellout.  Dunno if that happens with the Lions, but I know I see a lot of empty seats every time I watch a game of theirs.

no you dont, they max that place out, it is sad to see.  We have been trying to stop the cattle from pouring into the gates but it has been a tough go so far!

4/29/08   |   $Big BANK Bob$   |   25 respect

(Edited by $Big BANK Bob$)

to give you some Detroit info:

1.You could never call Lions fans bandwagon fans!  I still can't figure out how the Lions have that sold out game streak going still!

2.It was said on many radio/tv shows that the Ravens may draft Henne if Matt Ryan is gone, because the Ravens were said to be drafting one.  Which they did! after trading down. 

3.that mock is almost dead on!  Probably better than most people did on their own Mock drafts if they did one.

4.Miami got a good qb, he was the first true freshaman to start at Michigan and he started all four years.  I think Baltimore may have messed up taking Flacco, but that is because I am a homer too!

4/21/08   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

With Henne projected by Lions fans to go at #8, he would be a total steal with their #15 pick...

4/20/08   |   Scott Senay

Marshall wrote:
It is a horrible pick, but its a Lions pick. It fits many Lions pre-reqs
1. Local
2. WR
3. Smokes weed.

You forgot:
4. Not good at football.

4/20/08   |   Marshall

ROFL, I hope you're keeping with the hilarious homer theme.  That'd be a terrible pick.

It is a horrible pick, but its a Lions pick. It fits many Lions pre-reqs
1. Local
2. WR
3. Smokes weed.

4/20/08   |   Marshall

With the 15th selection the Detroit Lions select......Mario Manningham WR Michigan

4/20/08   |   CriticalFanatic

I'd have been a little more amused had they drafted 3-4 wide receivers in the Top 10.

4/20/08   |   Tbone42

Agreed, it's kind of like the Jets, you just get the feeling they'll always basically suck.

4/20/08   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

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Doesn't anyone else find it slightly comical that fans of a team with a hideous drafting record would somehow boost a guy - even if he's a homer - up a round or more from where he should be drafted?

These people are DETROIT LIONS fans. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. This team will always suck.

4/20/08   |   Scott Senay

They should draft Jerome Bettis.  Did you know he was from Detroit?!?!?