Detroit Lions Week 5 Preview.

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The Lions are competing against the Chigago Bears. The Chigago Bears are 2-2. The Lions are 0-3. Matt Forte is projected 130 yards rushing in total and 30 yards in recieving total, the best projected runningback in the league. The game is at Ford Field in Detroit, MI. Hopefully the Detroit Lions luck will change because there general manager Matt Millan was finnally fired over the week after more than two years of the fans and the Bill Ford Jr. not taking a liking to him.

The Lions have a little chance of winning even though Matt Millan is gone. Just like Bill Parcells with the Miami Dolphins It took a year for him to settle in with the Dolphins and look at the now they beat the Patriots. Rudi Johnson is expected to play and get 36 rushing yards. While Calvin Johnson is projected 82 yards in recieving 1 touchdown. John Kitna is projected 252 passing yards, 1 touchdown, and 2 inerceptions, thats not hard to believe. Overal the Lions are expected to lose and still be the worst team in the league.
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