Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz narrowly avoids a sack

12/31/12 in NFL   |   KurtKingsley   |   1858 respect

Blog Photo - Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz narrowly avoids a sack
The past 24 hours have been a full of peril for Jim Schwartz’s future at the Detroit Lions. It’s still not clear whether Jim Schwartz would remain at the helm of Detroit Lions, but after recent media reports it’s safe to assume that the 46-year-old coach will not be sacked.
Jim Schwartz must be chewing down his nails when news of Lovie Smith’s sack reached his ears. The NFC North coach was fired by the Chicago Bears just before the annual season-ending news conference.
Stranger things have been happened in the NFL this year, therefore if the Detroit Lions make a late decision to sack Jim Schwartz don't expect a lot of surprised faces.
Whosoever has been asked to comment on the job status of Jim Schwartz has quickly disappeared into thin air. Therefore, it’s quite reasonable to assume that neither Jim Schwartz nor the Detroit Lions want to place themselves in an awkward position before the break.
NFL pundits have already predicted Jim Schwartz’s return in 2013 and by the looks of it their prediction will come true. Jim Schwartz has announced that there will be big chances in the offseason, which means the coach has already made plans to rejuvenate his side.
It’s quite difficult to discuss the problems Jim Schwartz has faced this season, but it’s unanimously agreed that the Detroit Lions could have done better than 4-12 in the regular season.
We can’t predict what’s in store for Jim Schwartz in the future, but tons of hard work and hardships are heading towards the Detroit Lions.
Whether the Detroit Lions have a better option for a coach? That question will continue to bother the fans and the franchise management, but it’s probably best to let Jim Schwartz manage the club for another go. After all he has been at the helm for nearly three years now.
Jim Schwartz and his staff are expected to return in 2013, but that won’t guarantee the revival of the Detroit Lions. Jim Schwartz probably needs to put faith in a new offensive coordinator and resolve all of the off-field issues. 
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