Detroit Lions eye Tom Cable for head coach, might be just the guy they need

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsWhen the last time franchise president Tom Lewand and General Manager Martin Mayhew started their hunt to find the right man to become the coach for the Lions, they had way more solid footing than they have now. Comparing that and this time, things are completely different and they have to change what they search for as well.
Back in 2009 when they started hiring a new coaching staff the Lions had the primary objective that they were going to go for young coaches and assistants who shared the same views and mindset so they could not only get along but work together as a team. They had just come off a record terrible season of 0-16 and were addressing the problems in their own home so the team could figure out what went wrong and start repairing the problems.
Out of that crop Jim Schwartz and Todd Bowles were the people who were finalized. Out of the candidates none had any prior experience to being a head coach. Starting off this year, it was easy to see that the Lions roster was full of players who packed massive talent and had the capability to make it to the playoffs and the coaches seemed just as good.
Mayhew had previously stated that the new coach being hired did not necessarily require any prior coaching experience but that  would come in handy. And now they have given their thoughts that they have their eye on Seattle Seahawks assistant head coach Tom Cable to come and take their head coach job and they certainly have made a good choice to bring him into consideration.
Cable has a huge experience coaching the offensive line, has a very strong will, can make the hard decisions and his capability has earned him credit in the entire NFL. The Seahawks have boasted a quality running game and Cable is a big reason that it runs so smooth and gives a solid performance. And to set eyes on such a prized gem also means that there is an equally distant of him coming to their franchise.
The Lions really need a strong man to take over as the new head coach and get the team together and running. Cable is a very good match for that description and hiring him would be a very wise decision. To see that Lewand and Mayhew are looking at such strong choices is also a good sign that the next man coming will definitely be a capable one.
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