Detroit Lions losing both offense and defense

10/7/13 in NFL   |   BrianMaddock   |   1429 respect

FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe Detroit Lions had to declare their star wide receiver Calvin Johnson inactive due to knee injury for a game against the Green Bay Packers that ultimately ended in a 22-9 loss. But he wasn’t the only player missing the Sunday game.
The team heavily relies on the talented Johnson and even though he can make the big difference in a match, other receivers weren’t on their best either which handicapped quarterback Matthew Stafford from making plays. Along with Johnson, Nate Burleson was also deemed inactive due to multiple fractures in arm after a car accident. Burleson was attempting to heroically save a pizza from falling on the floor that caused it.
Ryan Roles is on the recovery path after tearing his ACL again. Although his recovery shows improvement, he is still far from hitting the field again. Other receiver Patrick Edwards had just recovered from an ankle sprain two weeks ago and had just got his first game. It was easy to spot he certainly was not able to give a good performance.
The wide receivers didn’t play as expected from them and a major reason for that was Johnson being inactive. Tony Scheffler got 4 catches for 55 yards, Brandon Pettigrew got 4 catches for 59 yards, Kris Durham got 3 catches for 30 yards and Kevin Ogletree got 2 catches for 20 yards.
Coach Jim Schwartz said “Every player has a spot on the team. Everybody has a job to do. We’re not going to have them all for every game. We’re not going to make any excuses for who plays and who doesn’t. When we get out there, we have to get the job done,” he said. We didn’t get it done well enough today. Offense, defense, or special teams. With or without Calvin, that was the story of the game.”
Johnson can play so well that certain weak areas of the team never get exposed. With him sidelined, they are beginning to surface. One of them is Reggie Bush. But for most part he wasn’t able to do much either. Even though Johnson’s absence was the main reason the offense was crippled from scoring, there are many other reasons the Lions actually failed to win. The Lions rely heavily on their wide receivers and expect a lot from them. When they fail to perform the team will definitely fall. 
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