Detroit Lions new head coach will be influential in shaping QB Matthew Stafford

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe Detroit Lions franchise might not have a coach right now, but they are still fully aware what responsibilities will come with that and what sort of man they will have to pick for the job. One of the foremost responsibilities that a coach has is training the quarterback. Head coaches and quarterbacks are quite close, as the coach trains the QB and develops the plays and the quarterback makes them happen on the field.
The same is the case with the Lions, as they know their quarterback Matthew Stafford will be a direct product of the next head coach they hire. After firing Jim Schwartz, the Lions will have to choose the next head coach carefully and will have to take into account the fact that Stafford was still under training as a quarterback when Schwartz was fired. They will have to make sure Stafford can be trained well by him. 
When Stafford entered the Draft he was predicted to be a top level quarterback. With talent and youth, any team would have had him as he was fresh and could be shaped just as the team wanted him to be. The best way to describe him right now would be as a wasted potential. The Lions have had two terrible seasons and his degeneration into nothing special has been a major factor that they have lost so much.
Yet the Lions have not lost hope in him and still think he can rise to his potential. All he needs is a good coach and they are now intent on giving him one who can coach him properly to turn into an elite quarterback.
During the next interviews for the coach, the franchise has decided to allow Stafford to sit in them and give his feedback. Just last week, the Lions held an interview with ex-Indianapolis Colts head coach Jim Caldwell and Stafford was a part of it.
When asked about involving him in the interviewing process, Stafford said he was pleased to be made a part of the process.
"It’s something, however much they ask me to be a part of it, I’ll be a part of it," Stafford said. "I’m not knocking on the door. They asked me to sit in on that one. I’m sure I’ll have some involvement in that process."
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