Detroit Pistons Will Bynum says no regrets over face off with Maurice Cheeks

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsEven on Thursday Detroit Piston head coach Maurice Cheeks and reserve guard Will Bynum had not come to good terms following some hard words both exchanged on Wednesday’s match against Orlando Magic. During huddle, Bynum and Cheeks had disagreement on an issue and both got heated, something which often happens in tense games.
The Piston lost the match 112-98. Following the defeat, Bynum chose not to interact with media and refused to answer questions, whereas Cheeks said he would take appropriate action against Bynum soon enough.
Later on Thursday Bynum said it was just talk in the heat of the moment when things got tense and he had to have his say. He added that he saw something that he disagreed on and decided to confront the coach about it.
“It was the heat of the moment,” Bynum said. “I mean, I care and it’s hard for me to sit back and act like I don’t care because I do. All I’m concerned about is winning. If I see something that’s not right, sometimes in the heat of the moment you say something.”
Bynum was called back after 3 minutes of performance which did not go well and the Pistons ended up trailing even further behind. Cheeks then made the decision to replace him with Josh Smith. That did not settle well with Bynum who disagreed and argued with Cheeks on the decision. The argument got heated and the teammates had to step in to break it up and cool down things.
Cheeks said it wasn’t a problem but he yet had to talk with Bynum on the issue.
“It’s not an issue; we watched film,” said Cheeks. “That’s what we did. I haven’t talked to Will Bynum yet.”
From the argument it seemed that Bynum wanted Cheeks to have a little more faith in him at that critical moment of game when things were starting to get out of hand.
“It’s been around for a long time. Starters get a little more leeway than guys coming off the bench,” Cheeks said. “I’m harder on point guards than normal because I think they have a huge impact on the game. Their value is pretty special.”
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Grew up watching Cheeks. Cheeks always gave it 100% when he was on the floor.