Detroit Red Wings Pavel Datsyuk status to be decided at game time

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Detroit Red Wings Pavel Datsyuk is happy to be back with the rest of the team on Tuesday and when the game comes on Wednesday he is optimistic that until that time he will be cleared to go and play. Since the start of march Datsyuk has been sidelined because of sustained strain on his knee injury which was taking time to properly heal.
The team medical staff analysed it and decided that it would be better for him to take some time off and rest so that the injury would get time to properly heal as the continuous strain on it was only making it worse and if that continued it would evolve into a serious injury.
Datsyuk got the knee injured early January and since then his gameplay has been a bit questionable as the injury has continued to plague him throughout that time. Now that his chances of returning on the ice are good, people are looking at how he will return and when.
Datsyuk said he would return only when he had recovered from the injury fully this time and was in no hurry this time. He continued that he would go through some practices to see if he had recovered sufficiently and would be able to cope with the stress of games. Only when he could and the team medical staff gave him the green light to go ahead would he come back.
“I don’t know. Game-time decision,” he said. “We’ll see tomorrow how I feel.”
Wings coach Mike Babcock said that he had the view that Datsyuk still needed some rest and practices to get back in shape and would probably not choose him to play until later in the week when they play the Buffalo Sabres.
“The whole thing is to understand it’s not about Pavel one bit, it’s about the Red Wings and the guys that are playing and we just got to keep grinding,” Babcock said. “I don’t want to get caught up in that whatsoever, I want to have us keep on working.”
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