Detroit Red Wings have Pavel Datsyuk and Daniel Alfredsson out for match against Boston Bruins

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Tonight the Detroit Red Wings will be facing the Boston Bruins and there was a chance that their alternate captain Pavel Datsyuk might make it after all for the lineup. But it has been confirmed that he will not be playing in that match. Same goes for Daniel Alfredsson, who is on a day to day analysis for the lower body injury he sustained.
“Don’t know,” Datsyuk said abouot his status. “Not tonight for sure.”
Datsyuk will be sitting out the game tonight against the Bruins and after the Winter Classic he has only been in 4 games. He said that having so little games did feel a bit frustrating and was looking forward to playing games but at the same time was wary of not getting injured again.
“Yeah,” Datsyuk said when asked if not being able to play is frustrating. “(I) would love to play as soon as possible but I need to be careful.”
Datsyuk is in bad shape after the injury and from the looks of it he will be missing a couple of games so he regains form.  He agreed with it, saying he needed to get back in form and spend time on the ice to hone his game.
“I need to pick up (the) pace,” Datsyuk said. “I think the two days (of practicing) helped me. I need conditioning more. I can’t do what I do.”
The Wings made the right decision when they stated that they would be keeping Datsyuk out of the games for up to 3 games as he needs time to get back in full form and deliver the games as he used to. And last Friday that duration ended and Datsyuk agreed that he felt way more functional and better with the gap that was given to him.
“(I) feel much better,” Datsyuk said. “(I’m) happy to skate with team. Full practice, have fun, try to follow, everybody so fast.”
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