Detroit Red Wings head coach Mike Babcock looking to mix things up for wins

4/7/14 in NHL   |   IvanRogers   |   1352 respect

The Detroit Red Wings have 4 games left to play for the regular season to end and postseason to begin. They will be playing the Buffalo Sabres on Tuesday night and when they take to the ice they will not be in their usual formation but will be all mixed up with new strategy.
Wings head coach Mike Babcock isn’t one to stand around and let the old things go stale. Considering a loss to be the opportunity to revamp things and apply new ideas, he had the lines all changes during practice on Monday.
When they face the Sabres chances are more than likely that Babcock will have chosen to change things a bit for the rest of the team. They aren’t just put in their positions without any thought and experimentally. Babcock has put time and effort in making them proper plans and analysing each player in every position so they have maximum chemistry to take help from. On Monday it was easy to see that the team was benefitting from greater depth, understanding and were well balanced.
The change in lines could be because of Datsyuk and Alfredsson as they have had 2 games together on weekend. Alfredsson has had some issues with his back with recurring pain and complication, minor ones. Datsyuk on the other hand has missed games and played once after January 1st. but Babcock isn’t looking to restrict Datsyuk purely based on the analysis and said he would not be judging him based on his health. He added that he would be willing to let him play as long as he wanted to as it was a players decision to see if he was hit or not.
“I’m just going to play him as much as he’s ready to play,” Babcock said. “Just like we do with every player. The (score) sheet is something the players look at the end (of the night). I don’t worry about it too much. If he’s playing good, he’s going to play more.”
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