Detroit Red Wings looking at Teemu Pulkkinen to start with his signature rocket shots

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsDetroit Red Wings Teemy Pulkkinen is known for many things but when it comes to shooting the puck, he has few competitors who can do it like him.
Cory Emmerton, who happened to be with Pulkkinen back at Grand Rapids said that he could shoot really well and his talent was exceptional and added that Pulkkinen was the best he had played with and every goal he scored was through pure skill, not chance.
“He has an unbelievable shot,” said Cory. “Probably one of the best I’ve played with. I don’t know if he’s scored a fluke goal all season. They’ve been slap shots, just blowing it past the goalie.”
Pulkkinen will play his first game in the NHL on Friday against the Edmonton Oilers. Pulkkinen will playing in the place of Timas Jurco, who has been sidelined owing to fractured ribs.
Pulkkinen said that he was confortable and would actually be fun. He did say that he was nervous but nevertheless ice hockey was his life and he enjoyed every match.
“It’s going to be fun,” said Pulkkinen. “I’m not nervous. It’s one game. It’s a different game, but you have to have fun.”
The signature things which make Pulkkinen stand out among the crowd is his ability to shoot the puck like no one else. To see him come to the NHL and bring that on the ice will be something that everyone wants to see.
“I’ve been practicing it since I was a little kid,” Pulkkinen said. “I’ve always liked to shoot the puck. That’s my game -- shoot and score goals.”
And coach Mike Babcock is also happy to see the player on his team and wants him to do whatever he can on the ice.
“He’s a real good shooter,” Babcock said. “It’s like a lot of kids -- he has to learn how to play the game. (Griffins coach) Jeff Blashill says he’s come a long way, so he gets an opportunity here.”
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