Detroit Tigers Should Sign Justin Upton

7/14/12 in MLB   |   sktm06   |   12 respect

Why should the Detroit Tigers sign Justin Upton of the Arizona Diamondbacks?  In my opinion, it will be nothing but a win situation.  In 2012, he is hitting a measely .243 with 8 homeruns and 31 RBI.  Beosch has been struggling this year, while once in a while he may perk up for a game or two, he still hasn't come back, or even really show signs, to his nice .283 average be boasted last year.  All being said and done, the Tigers need a bat out in right field.

Justin Upton has had his troubles so far this year, hitting only 7 home runs and 31 RBI, he is at least keeping his average at .273.  That isn't near his .289 average last year while cracking in 31 dingers.  The Tigers pitching seems to be picking up, Fister came back from the All-Star Break and showed, at least his first performance, that last year was not a fluke.  The Tigers pen is looking better and Valverde is, well, Valverde.  Some trade option would involve prospect Jacob Turner and Nick Castellanos.  While the Tigers say Castellanos is not up for trade, he is a third baseball, who is currently blocked by Cabrera from coming up.  Could Castellanos convert to second base, it would be a different story.

While the Tigers lineup is one of the best in all of baseball, adding a bat like Upton's would arguably being the best.  If judging by 2011's stats, the Tigers lineup could look like the following in 2013, when Victor Martinez will be back for a full season.

1. CF Austin Jackson - .249 / 10HR / 45RBI
2. LF Delmon Young - .274 / 8HR / 32RBI
3. 3B Miguel Cabrera - .344 / 30HR /105RBI
4. 1B Prince Fielder - .299 / 38HR /120RBI
5. DH Victor Martinez - .330 / 12HR / 103RBI
6. RF Justin Upton - .289 / 31HR / 88RBI
7. SS Jhonny Peralta - .299 / 21HR / 86RBI
8. C Alex Avila - .295 / 19HR / 82RBI
9. 2B Ryan Raburn - .256 / 14HR / 49RBI

While some players aren't really doing what they did in 2011, such as Alex Avila and Jhonny Peralta, some are turning around.  Delmon Young has already hit more home runs than he did all of last year, and Jhonny Peralta has shown a surge of power in his last few games.  While Alex Avila has slowed down, Jackson has been picking it up.  Really picking it up.  Ryan Raburn, well, he has always been a well below average players the first half of the year.  If Upton were to be signed it will add a huge bat to the lineup.  Every single player would be capable of 20+ home runs, although it isn't likely. 

As of 2012 Justin Upton hasn't been performing as he did last year, but perhaps a change of scenery would perk him up.  The fans in Arizona don't seem to like him too much, and I hope the change of scenery will feature the Chevrolet sign in the back of Comerica Park.
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