Detroit/Green Bay Thanksgiving Preview

Detroit Needs to Avoid Another Thanksgiving Turkey

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Blog Photo - Detroit/Green Bay Thanksgiving PreviewOnly five weeks to go in an NFL season that has been short on powerhouse teams and long on league parity. Nowhere is this mediocrity more on display than in the NFC North where the Lions and Bears sit tied for first with identical 6-5 records and the Packers lurk right behind them at 5-5-1. This past week all three teams had a chance to make a move on the others, yet all failed pretty spectacularly. The Lions somehow could not beat a 2-8 Bucs team at home. The Bears got absolutely destroyed in St. Louis and the Packers only managed a home tie against my also-ran Vikings. The emerging motto for this division is “Who wants it less?” And tomorrow we finally get a meaningful Lions game on Thanksgiving as Detroit hosts the still Aaron Rodgers-less Packers. The question is, which team will be the bigger turkey. Let’s take a closer look.
As of this writing, Vegas has Detroit installed as a six-point favorite over the Pack, which is a little odd. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any great faith in Matt Flynn at quarterback for Green Bay (How good can you be if the Raiders cut you?) but he is less than two years removed from throwing six touchdowns against Detroit. Also, it’s not like the Lions have been holding onto the ball all that well lately, as evidenced by last Sunday’s turnover fest against Tampa Bay. Finally, you always have to subtract a point or two just because Jim Schwartz is coaching. All of that being said, I seriously hope that Detroit kicks the holy crap out of Green Bay.
Isn’t it time that something good happened to Detroit? Sure the Tigers have had some decent teams lately and the Red Wings have long been one of hockey’s top franchises, but the Lions have done absolutely nothing in football, and I mean for decades. Every year it’s Green Bay or Chicago or even the Vikings, but Detroit is almost always relegated to division doormat. Their last playoff win was in 1991 against Dallas and prior to that it was 1957. If they are ever going to make a serious run at anything it has to start now, meaning tomorrow. Beating the Packers handily will not only give the Lions confidence, it will also saddle the Packers with the psychological baggage of having a losing record as a result of being throttled by a division foe.  You would think that Matt Stafford, Calvin Johnson, Reggie Bush and Co. can put some points up on this Green Bay D. The Lions defense can probably shut down Green Bay’s running game, but they truly need to pressure Matt Flynn and make him feel like his old Raider self rather than the guy who torched them back in 2011 season finale. Now let's see if they're capable.
It’s now or never, Detroit. This is one Vikings fan who’s really pulling for you.
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