Dez Bryant buys Playstation 4 for Dallas fans

Dez Bryant hooked up some fans last night

11/15/13 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5232 respect

Blog Photo - Dez Bryant buys Playstation 4 for Dallas fansLast night was the much-anticipated release of the Playstation 4, and Cowboys WR Dez Bryant got in on the action.

Bryant hit up a Walmart and found several people waiting in line, so he bought all of them their PS4.

This is in stark contrast with the "Diva" reputation that some people have labeled him with. Perhaps it's because people assume that elite WRs are automatically jerks, since that's what we've seen in the recent past, but Bryant seems like a genuinely nice guy.

Classy move by Bryant, who has definitely earned a few more fans with this gesture.
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