Did Kent Desormeaux Throw The Belmont? Or Was It Something Else?
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Rumors Are Flying About Big Brown's Awful Belmont Performance, But Dutrow Should Just Look In The Mirror

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For anyone who's been paying attention to the news of late, then you know that uber-slimeball Rick Dutrow, the trainer for Big Brown, is slightly upset about having lost the Triple Crown.

And today, he decided to go the extra mile and throw Big Brown's jockey, Kent Desormeaux, under the bus.
Dutrow said he was sure that Big Brown had no idea “what the hell was going on going into the first turn,” because Desormeaux “was switching him all over” the track.

“I don’t know what he was doing,” Dutrow said.

Interestingly, in the New York Times article where Dutrow blasts Desormeaux, Dan Toomey, spokesman for the New York State Racing and Wagering Board, said it appeared that Desormeaux did not violate any rules. That obviously raises a bit of a red flag, as Big Brown's incredibly poor performance warranted authorities taking a look to make sure the race was legit.

Also, as The Big Lead points out, on a members only site known as Daily Racing Form, Desormeaux made an apology to gamblers, saying:
“For every superfecta player, for every show-bet player, they need to rest assured that the horse quit a quarter of a mile before I did.”
Kind of a curious statement. Anyway, this is of course all just rumor mongering, but it is telling that there was at least some concern about Big Brown's performance. Of course, I'd argue that had Desormeaux actually been trying to throw the race, he probably wouldn't have come in dead last.

To me, it isn't Desormeaux who's at fault, nor really Big Brown. It's Dutrow. Dutrow has an incredibly shady past in terms of getting horses ready for competition which you can read about here. He's openly admitted to pumping his horses up with the steroid Winstrol, which isn't illegal in horse racing yet, but soon will be.

Just in case you missed it, Big Brown did not receive a Winstrol injection before the Belmont Stakes. Of course he finished dead last and never looked comfortable.

So perhaps that's the real reason why Big Brown was so terrible in the Belmont. He wasn't on the juice - which would be Dutrow's fault. But of course it's always easier to blame someone other than yourself, right Dutrow?

In all honesty, as much as I wanted to see a Triple Crown winner this year, I'm now immensely glad Big Brown lost. A loss this crushing for Dutrow just seems like incredibly poetic justice.
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