DirecTV might drop NFL Sunday Ticket
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DirecTV might dish NFL Sunday Ticket off to another network

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Blog Photo - DirecTV might drop NFL Sunday Ticket Every one knows that the NFL Sunday Ticket is the greatest invention of modern times. Now in its 19th year, DirecTV's Sunday Ticket package has allowed an entire generation to grow up having access to every single game on every single Sunday of the NFL season. But the satellite television service DirecTV is beginning to consider Sunday Ticket a little too rich for their blood, and they're considering sharing the package with cable stations, or dropping NFL Sunday Ticket altogether.

This would certainly change the way that bars nationwide do business with people who drink before Noon on a Sunday.

The news that DirecTV might drop NFL Sunday Ticket comes at the tail end of a Hollywood Reporter article about a cable television conference, because those Hollywood people are not as obsessed with NFL football as you and me. In a piece rounding up the latest developments at the Deutsche Bank Media, Internet & Telecom Conference in Palm Beach, Florida, Hollywood Reporter reporter Georg Szalai notes that when "asked about the future of DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket amid rising sports costs, [DirecTV CFO Pat Doyle] said that if the price tag went too high in the next rights deal negotiations, DirecTV would consider striking a non-exclusive deal with the NFL or possibly even dropping the popular package."

Blog Photo - DirecTV might drop NFL Sunday Ticket DirecTV is currently in a deal where they pay a billion dollars per year to carry NFL Sunday Ticket. Since that deal was signed, though, the NFL has diluted the value of Sunday Ticket by switching so many games from Sunday to Thursday nights, and by starting their own knock-off RedZone Channel available on DISH Network and various cable platforms.

So in a sense, "Every Game. Every Sunday" is already being shared with cable television subscribers without satellite dishes. DirecTV might consider it wise to renegotiate what they pay to the NFL for an exclusive deal that is no longer exclusive.

That means DirecTV may drop the NFL Sunday Ticket, or share it with certain cable providers. As NFL blogger Christmas Ape so capably says at the Kissing Suzy Kolber blog, "I’m sure whatever happens it’ll end up costing me more. That’s how these things go."
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Jess wrote:
by the way, what the eff is wrong with that pic up there? Could they be more sexist?

good point! Had not occurred to me. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I chose it)

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by the way, what the eff is wrong with that pic up there? Could they be more sexist?

3/7/13   |   Jess   |   34886 respect

"...or dropping NFL Sunday Ticket altogether."

I love DirecTV; I love their kids channels, what I call the "Discovery package", the NHL package, the HD options...everything about it. I don't like the Red Zone channel, and I want the option to watch whatever game I want when my Hawks aren't playing, so if they drop NFL Sunday Ticket altogether I will cut a b**ch.