Dirk Nowitzki Loses Creative Olympic Hair Challenge To Chinese Fans.
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Chinese Olympic Fans Show Dirk How It's Done

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As you're probably aware, Dirk Nowitzki had the Olympic Rings shaved into his head by "teammate" (read: traitor) Chris Kaman. Seeing as Kaman isn't exactly a hairstylist, Dirk's design is rather simple in nature. But considering Dirk has been named Germany's flag-bearer of the Games, we decided that Dirk needs to take his hair to a new, ridiculous level. Fortunately, we have a number of totally brainwashed dedicated Chinese fans who can give him some tips.

This haircut ups the ante by being the exact opposite of Dirk's. Rather than shave the Olympic Rings into your head, why not shave your hair into the Olympic Rings?


Or rather than the Olympic Rings, might as well go bold and go with the Olympic Torch.


 Or you could always go with one of the Olympic Fuwa mascots.


Here's another slightly better Fuwa, which is conveniently being done a sailor for some reason.


I'll be honest. I'd advise Dirk not to do what these kids did right here.


Dirk probably at least should have gotten the '08 in there. Primarily because with just the Rings, I have no idea what year we're talking about.

There's also the main Olympics logo. Of course, having this done on the top of your head when you're 7-feet tall could be a problem, as no one will ever see it.


This is the kind of hair that I'd expect Andrei Kirilenko to be rocking at the Olympics.


These haircuts, I'll be honest. They're awful beyond belief.


And this one, man, I don't even know what to say about this one. Like the creativity, but I'd probably advise Dirk against this one.


Just remember one thing, Dirk. When you go bold with your hair, you will become the center of attention. So be prepared to handle the media crush and the groupies.

[Pics come courtesy of a variety of sources: Some random Chinese site, some random travel blog, Reuters, Ball Don't Lie, DC Sports Bog]
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8/7/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

So on top of Human Rights issues it looks like we have some Hair/Scalp Rights issues being perpetrated in China.

8/7/08   |   blamka   |   12 respect

Another of my personal favs.  Wonder if the Chinese get a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card to use in the future if they bastardize their haircuts???