Do not blame Girardi, blame the offense.

10/17/12 in MLB   |   Jeverson_Cruz   |   4 respect

Why are Yankee fans blaming manager Joe Girardi for the offensive woes that have plagued this team throughout the 2012 playoff run? Joe Girardi has done an exceptional job in putting this team in the best position to win. Pinch hitting third baseman Alex Rodriguez for Raul Ibanez is the boldest move that has this team in the position they’re currently in along with the brilliant pitching of ace CC Sabathia. If it weren’t for the heroic performances of these two individuals, the “Bronx bombers” would have lost the series to the Orioles. All of these offensive struggles come down to the players and their inability to get timely hits. The New York media may blame everything on Alex Rodriguez and yes he is part of the problem, but there are other players who are not performing to their ability. For a team who predicated themselves on scoring 47 percent of their runs via the home run, it’s unfortunate to see them struggle this horribly.
 Nick Swisher (1for 34) is a player who has always struggled when post season play starts and I was a big proponent of signing Carlos Beltran and trading Nick Swisher, when the Yankees had the chance this past off-season. Beltran is leading the defending champion St Louis Cardinals, who by the way lost their superstar first baseman Albert Pujols in the offseason, and are three wins away being in the World Series again. Beltran seems to get key hits in the playoffs and would have been a great addition to such a struggling line-up of the New York Yankees.
Curtis Granderson is another player who has struggled this post season. Aside from going 2 for 3 in game 5 of the American League Division Series, Granderson has gotten one hit in three games so far against the Detroit Tigers. His increasing number of strikeouts (195) during the regular season has many wondering if the Yankees may be looking in a different direction with a $13 million option they hold on Granderson.
Managers seem to always be the sacrificial lambs when a team starts to struggle, but in this situation the players are to blame for not performing to their abilities and getting timely hits. After going down 3-0 to the Detroit Tigers, one thing is for certain; the Yankees offseason will be an intriguing one headlined by what to do with third baseman Alex Rodriguez and his 5 years and  $114 million left on his contract along with a sour relationship between him and Girardi, who has benched and pinch hit twice for him during this 2012 playoff run.
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